FE8 But It's a Rickroll

It’s a patch you apply to FE8 that turns it into a rickroll. That’s… the joke. April Fools is fun.

Screenshots for some reason



You know the rules, but so do I.

Rule 1: Upvote Rick Astley.

FE8U? l wanted to meme on my friends, but it’s not for FE8U, it seems. l’ve yet to collect all the regions of the games, so l can’t try them all.

It’s for FE8U, yes.

FE8R - Fire Emblem 8 Rickroll

This is the best fucking hack ever. It’s over. Shut down the website. Delete FEBuilder. Nothing will ever top this. It’s done. I quit. Thank you for your contribution to society.

Oop, nevermind me, l figured it out. l was expecting FEBuilder to recognize it as an FE game, but l get how it works now. Yes, very good.

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What if someone made a custom Rick Astley animation for bard/dancer?

This is the best FE8 Redux to date tbh

Rom hack with rick sanchez and rick astley when