FE8 but almost everyone has Astra and will always activate if they hit

Yep. The title says it all. And for a bit of clarification, skills don’t activate if you miss. Also, monster classes and the Demon King don’t have the skills since normally, there’s no area allocated for them.

About Me

I’m just some guy that likes Fire Emblem, sulking around this site for some ROM hacks for a long time now. For a while, I’ve been tinkering with ROM hacking myself, and thought, “Hey, why don’t I make a simple hack to start things off?” And that’s why I’m here.

If you have any suggestions or find any weird stuff, DM me on Discord: D. B.#5267. I’m pretty sure people are gonna flood me with spam messages or hack that account now.


Download the hack here: A Funny Hack


  • Skill System - Circleseverywhere and everyone else who contributed to it
  • FEBuilderGBA - 7743
  • Remove Easy Mode Patch - Nintenlord

Edit: I forgot to mention this, but I removed the weapon triangle. Have fun with accurate axes!


Updated the patch. Gave Ross +1 to his base skill, decreased the strength growth of magic units, and replaced Garcia’s Colossus with Death Blow to not conflict with Astra.

This interesting to say the least.