[FE8] Autocursor/Status Screen Expansion

It’s in the doc.

This “expansion” should help fix some of the rampant issues with the autocursor option and the status menu in FE8; I don’t really have plans to make an FE7 version because FE7 doesn’t have _SETVAL but I could probably be convinced… maybe.

This archive contains all the relevant files (in case you don’t feel like sifting through all of the junk in the doc folder).


[quote]Patching instructions:

All .dmp’s are binary files formatted to be compatible with my Assembly Patcher (note that,
as of version 2.0, the format for my Assembly Patches may no longer be compatible with that
of Hextator’s Assembly Patcher). For user convenience, I have included both python 2.x and
python 3 versions of said Assembly Patcher; use whichever is appropriate.

To apply the patches to your ROM, place all the .dmps into the same folder as my patcher
along with a ROM named “FE8.gba”. Then, drag “script.txt” onto “run.py”.

Alternatively, ensure that “script.txt” is in the same folder as “run.py”. Start up “run.py”,
then type in “run script.txt”


In the desired chapter, set the event memory variable at index 0x1 to the 8-bit “character
number” of the unit which you intend to become the new “lord”, then call via ASMC the routine
contained in “set_mode.dmp”. From that point, the autocursor and status screens should work

For example-

set_mode ASMC code is written to 0x00B2A610

To change the lord to Seth (0x2)

_SETVAL 0x1 Seth
ASMC 0x00B2A611 // Note that the +1 is required

To change the lord to Saleh (0x17)

_SETVAL 0x1 0x17
ASMC 0x00B2A611



So uh I just tried using this and the four times it asked me for input on where to patch I put it in b2a610, b2a660,b2a6b0 and b2a6d0. It asked me once for address to link to, which I assumed was 0x08E4C0…
And when I ran it with setting Seth as the lord the autocursor worked but when I tried to view the status screen the game went black and broke… am I missing something here? :\

i assume it would work better if my patcher wasn’t complete ass

the first two should be different, then the third should match the second input

the last one is again distinct

(if i ever get around to finishing my new patcher format i’ll release it in that format)

Whoa, the status screen works now - thanks!
I noticed the other file fix_convoy.asm isn’t included in the release folder… does that hack work (and if so, how do I use it)?

It doesn’t work.