FE8 Auto Battle Hack?

Can someone please make a hack that makes every playable character an NPC for autobattling? This could be useful for farming in a hack.

Can you elaborate on this?

There’s a patch that changes the allegiance of all units by id or class. Have you tried that?

If it’s needed for farming, l don’t think changing allegiance will solve the issue. Nevermind the max 20 NPC unit limit, but don’t characters lose personal stats when they’re put on another team? l would think the best way would be adding assembly/procs to allow the AI to control the player’s team.

units don’t lose stats by changing allegiance

writing procs/asm for this is not feasible imo

I think you can work around the 20 unit limit just fine

there’s also a patch for enemies/npcs to gain exp & levels

Yeah you’re right, I’ll see if this request can be deleted.

Is this what you meant?


Yes, except I would want the PCs to actively seek the enemies it seems like all they do is attack enemies in range in the AI Emblem hack.