AI Emblem


This is vanilla FE7/8 with one twist: when you end turn, any units who haven’t moved become AI controlled and do whatever they want.

Think of it as FE plays Fire Emblem.

Have fun!


Our story so far:

Normal is too hard for the AI, switched to Easy.

Tutorial forced everything, nothing to see here.

Seth wrecks everything, Eirika does ok. Franz and Gilliam basically useless. Moved Eirika to seize manually.

Tutorials managed to get me Ross and a Red Gem before letting go the reins.
Most units including Seth decide to hide in the corner, Vanessa suicides on the bandits. RIP Javelin, you will be missed. Eirika solos the rest of the chapter sitting on a fort.

AI can’t break walls, so Colm ends up mvp of the first half without even being recruited. Hit a stalemate so I break some walls manually and Seth takes it from there.

Eirika, Seth, Artur charge. Everyone else stays put. Artur dies pretty quick, Eirika gets lots of kills including the boss and a perfect level. Seth polishes.

It’s a bloodbath. Joshua kills Lute and Neimi and attacks Eirika but fortunately doesn’t crit. Seth finally gets off his ass and kills Joshua, then moves up and takes out the rest.

Ephraim is an idiot and parks himself in front of a door with no ranged weapon while a mage chips away at him. Despite having a door key in inventory, he just sits there and gets killed slowly. Reset. Second time he tries the same shit so i have to manually move him and let Forde kill the mage. Kyle and Orson charge ahead. Kyle makes it to the throne room before dying.

The AI can see through fog, so for once both sides are even. Seth kills basically everyone, but the civilians die horribly. Ross almost gets oneshot by a cav.

Ch7: Eirika and Garcia tag team the ballista on the left while Seth makes a run at the boss, killing everything in his way. Then he comes back to deal with everything not in his way, and even swings by to give Eirika a lift to the throne.

Chapter 8 is up next, and with that comes a question: Eirika or Ephraim?

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You can also call this “Movie Emblem”, as all you have to do is end your turn.
Fun as hell!

Is there a way to Auto-End your turn? Because then it really could be Movie Emblem!

I’d also suggest to tweak the hit/avoid percentages, so that every “movie” becomes rather unpredictable and unique!

That would be cool, but you’d get stuck at the first Seize objective since the AI doesn’t know how.

@AlfredKamon Great idea! time to combine this with randomizer!

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You could easily turn any “Seize” objectives into “Defeat boss” objectives (it doesn’t change much after all, since bosses always sit on thrones or gates that you’re supposed to seize). That would enable us to have a full “Movie Emblem” experience!

I’m curious - how does this work, anyway? Did you hook berserk phase?

You could also hook CheckEventDefinitions at 8082ec4 to conditionally do a global turn event of “End Turn” on player phase. You’d use the chapter menu end effect - eg. ASMC / blh 0x80225F9

I’m not sure what the ram addresses are for other type of events, but the “when player unit is selected” one always seems to have 3007D98 in r4 at that point in CheckEventDefinitions, which I used for my debugger to reposition units. There’s probably a more proper way to know where in CheckEventDefinitions you are, lol.

Not sure what condition you would make it for it to autoend the turn. Maybe if no player units moved last turn, it won’t auto end?

Or maybe you’re bored with this idea by now and aren’t interested in messing with it further. :sweat_smile:

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ngl i don’t remember how i did this

could be something to add to the self randomizer though

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