[FE8] An Unexpected Caller (22 Chapters) [COMPLETE]


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1.2 is up! Huge shoutouts to Leche for helping with the changes!

  • Magebane and Spellseal Bow are no longer effective against Hyper Recruit
  • Slim weapons ACTUALLY don’t lie to you about their speed boost this time, I swear
  • Aias and his friends are now in your walls (and won’t cause player units to be displaced when they reinforce in C15)
  • Summons now correctly don’t say anything upon escaping, instead of incorrectly not saying anything
  • Apparently you could literally seize some random forest in C12 to end the map but now you can’t so uhhhhhhh get owned LTCers, I guess
  • Ein/Sophia talk should no longer hide Ein but you never know
  • Ismaire has been removed from your walls (in Chapter 9’s villages), in order to make room for the aforementioned Aias
  • C19’s conditional miniboss now correctly uses the boss flag
  • The endgame secret recruit is now actually a secret (i hope, leche also hopes)
  • The final map has received some structural changes to iron out weird bugs that we couldn’t easily replicate (and some that we could.) If we did it right, you won’t notice
New Stuff
  • Leche went ahead and revamped Desert Hills, the C10 map theme
  • hop on axe of the titan armor knight triangle attack

Who the fuck wears teal (46)
You can harm Puzon no longer.

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Who the fuck wears teal (69)
Who the fuck wears teal (70)
Not harming Puzon on Chapter 5 beyond the turn limit after main tent/boss have been harmed does not trigger a game over, despite ‘failing’ the chapter.

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Puzon will not harm you

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The hack…. it’s fun.




Put out a small patch to fix a few errors/oddities/misc, no balance changes here (and probably none from here on out)

  • A few new boss conversations were added to Chapters 14, 20, and 21.
  • The E-1 Brave Bow has been changed to a Brave Lance, because I don’t believe there was one obtainable previously. Chapter 19 still has its Brave Bow, so all weapon types should now be covered in that regard.
  • Talking to Ein in Chapter 6 with Sophia after recruiting him and Marisa should no longer cause Ein to disappear for the rest of the map.
  • Kishuna is now immortal in C12, as it was pointed out you could kill him using Moonbow or Dirk from the mountain next to him.
  • Armads is now effective against Wyverns and Dragons, just like Durandal.

In other news, An Unexpected Caller is now in Cromar Bot! I compiled the data for units and items (including price info.) Knoll and Lyon also have second pages for information on their respective summons.

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As soon as I started the game, I was thrown directly into the action… :thinking:
So there is no plot? There is no dialogue? If so, then it is nothing like other telephone hacks, where each chapter has its own full and concluded story. Have I understood this correctly? As for me, no plot, no interest. :person_shrugging:

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dont worry theres plot
the story unfolds with time


Thank you for taking the time to let us know that you aren’t interested.

Nobody cares.


Thank you for taking the time to let me know that you are interested in me.
As you see, I am back: to your great joy. :wink:

The greatest joy is playing AUC and picking my units
Also this is basically the plot wdym

This is kinda overdue to say but uh… Many thanks for the rest of the team to let me contribute in this project… and sorry I kinda flunked out in the end (MANY THANKS RW you’re my savior :sob:)
Truth to be told this project is the first time I’m designing actual chapters, it’s kinda fun…

Anyways, this is a message from Eliwood. You will not harm Puzon.


That’s a bit rude.

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AUC has been updated to 1.2.6.

Pretty much the only change is to Sake, fixing an incredibly powerful bug where using it on a chest, village, or seize point would trigger their respective events, even if it shouldn’t normally be possible to given the circumstances. This allowed:

  • units other than Puzon to seize using Sake in C11/13/21
  • chest/village item duplication
  • obtaining the fake open chest items in C20/21

Now, I do think there’s a lot to be said about patch culture, and the removal of glitches at the expense of depth. LTCs of 4K and FE6 are made better by things like the top of inventory glitch and the rescue death refresh glitch. However, “you can now seize with a flier lol” doesn’t quite capture the same intrigue, in my opinion.

Also, if your hack has an item using the “Special Event for each Item” patch, there’s a solid chance your hack also has this glitch.

Also also, the changes to Sake’s use routine have also given mounted units the ability to Canto after using it, making its intended effect more flexible.