FE7Lex v1.5 Released! (31 chapters so far)

Hey Becarrte,

Appreciate your fast response and pushing out an update so quickly. Completely understand your viewpoint to not railroad players towards one specific support.

I did want to report another bug. When I ripped my saves over to the newest version, I encountered a bug within the skill menu not allowing you to equip a skill. Instead, I could only swap out a skill for another skill. I tried to re-equip imbue on Florina but i could only remove darting blow. It also occurred to Marcus when I removed any of skills and tried to re-equip them.

Thanks for the report, I’ll look into this when I’m able to get back to development in a week or so. I just redid much of the code in a recent update, so I’m not surprised some weirdness like this cropped up.

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Hello, can I ask a question about how to play on the phone and is it possible? I just can’t play

So questions: How does Nino work in this hack? Does she actually have a payoff for her weak start?

There has been talk in the LT engine Discord channel about porting the engine to work on phones. I’m not sure what progress has been made yet.

I haven’t gotten to Night of Farewells yet, but I plan to make Nino easier to train by slightly increasing her base level and giving her the Paragon skill (2x exp gain) or similar as her personal skill. I still have a lot of chapters to make before I get to that point in the story, however.

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Very little lol.
The ability to port to android hasn’t been touched on in months, and is most likely not going to be touched on for months more. It’s just not super high priority for the devs.

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One idea that would be nice would be simple and nice to bump her base stats a bit and give her Battle Veteran (X amount of stats gained every 5-10 levels). Dunno if you’re pulling from SkillSys or just making the skills from scratch, but i think that Nino needs a skill that allows for a grand payoff. Paragon can be a nice skill but it will become a dead slot pretty fast, unless you have a way to replace it for something else later on.

Just so you know, Bec is making this with Lex Talionis, thus the Lex part of FE7Lex lol.
Which means very few limits when it comes to things like skills and… well, mostly everything.
There’s no SkillSys or hack limits to worry about.
Bec’s only limit is IMAGINATION haha

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is it just that im super unlucky, or am i getting an ungodly amount of 85+ misses? like 10/15+a map.

Is it possible to make a rom or ups so that you can play on your phone?

Unfortunately it is not possible. This is a stand-alone game with its own engine: it doesn’t use ROMs or anything. The only way it would work on a phone is if the engine developers ported the engine. I’m not involved with that effort, though. So if you’re interested in that aspect, try asking about it on the Lex Talionis Discord server.

Hi just wanted to tell you a about a bug that i have experienced a couple times at this point. Sometimes when i go to attack something with Kent and his attack animation his about to go off it goes’ to a white scream for a moment then crash’s

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Thanks for the report. What class is Kent? This sounds like an issue with the imported animation.

Hes a paladin

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When you select skip Lyn’s story, do you skip to chapter 11?

Man I am soooo stoked to play this! I wish you luck with the finishing touches and chapters left. Thank you for the hard work put into this beauty

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Appreciate your hard work Beccarte! I know it’s the holidays, so no rush. I got a few more bugs I wants to bring to your attention

  1. Florina is just missing imbue for me. This might be from having an old save from a previous version, so I plan on restarting from scratch to test it on thenewer version. I’m at 23x, so I still have some time to get Fiona to 15 to test with her. It also could be related to the skill being left in the “skill” menu.
  2. Really silly one here: when Matthew heals an ally with a mend staff or his foul play action, he also inflicts poison on that unit if he has poison strike. He also started the chapter he promoted on poisoned.
  3. Sleep isn’t working. I grinded Priscilla to get the sleep staff, it hit the unit (no miss animation and turned color), but then no sleep was applied on the unit screen (non-commander unit)
  4. Restore sees stat reduction as an eligible target, but doesn’t actually work when you use it on them. To be fair, I didn’t notice if the restore took away one turn’s worth of stat reduction or if it was intended to fully remove any penalties caused by, really any reason besides rescuing.
  5. Is it intended for Renault to also reverse bows on the “weapon triangle”?

I’m also having trouble getting into the discord. Whenever I access the posted link on the top of the page, it doesn’t bring me to your channel, just discord itself? Not sure if I’m doing something on my end for this one.


Thanks, will look into fixing these. Most are new, but the Foul Play poison issue should have been fixed with the latest patch.

Not sure what’s up with that Discord link for you. I made a new temporary one. Try this:

Hello, a suggestion for an option for the custom selection screen. I love the item rebalance that has been done, but was wondering if it was possible to make it so you could still have the updated mechanics, i.e. magic ranged mani katti, but still have weapon durability. I like the challenge of weapon conservation. Unlimited weapons feels a bit cheap to me when you can spam unlimited physics. Also, just a question, is wolf beil supposed to not have any special attributes in the updated items version? Figured it would if the mani katti and rapier both did, but I understand that it could be a way to balance out Hector :joy: .