FE7Lex Beta Release (28 chapters so far)

Download link to current version: Beta Download

Link to the Discord channel on the Lex Talionis server: Discord

FE7Lex is a complete remake of Fire Emblem 7 in the Lex Talionis engine, currently complete through where you find Elbert at the Dragon’s Gate. The goal is to replicate the features and feel of a modern Fire Emblem title. Importantly, the gameplay changes can be toggled on or off such that it can play either like the original game (“Retro” ruleset), a recent FE title (“Modern” ruleset), or some combination of the two using a built-in rule customization menu:

The rules are selected when creating a new save file. There is a skill system, branched promotion options, and many others. Some specific examples of features that can be turned on or off:

Unlimited Weapons: no weapon durability, and many weapons have revised effects.

Personal Spells: Similar to Three Houses, in which each caster-class unit learns different spells as they increase their weapon rank(s).

Early Recruitment: several units that normally join late in the game, such as Wallace and Renault, are recruitable at an earlier point. This is especially important right now, while the endgame chapters aren’t done yet.

There are also many features related to game presentation that are included regardless of which ruleset you use. I think they do wonders for the enjoyability of the game. These took quite some time to complete, so I hope you like them!

Colorized map sprites! Each unique unit has colorized sprites for their base class and all possible promotions. This allows you to tell units apart at a glance.

Upscaled portraits! Each portrait was upscaled by hand to take advantage of the unlimited color palette in the LT engine.

Voiced characters! (Not evident in the screenshot, take my word for it!) Each character has been given a voice set of 70 to 100 lines, with clips that play in dialogue and in specific events like unit selection, critical hit, good/bad level ups, etc! Some use their official voices, some do not. (This is due to the limited quantity of clips available for many official voices.)

After you rescue Merlinus, he shows his gratitude by setting up a base for you between missions. This functions similarly to the base in Radiant Dawn. As the game progresses, more functions become available such as the fortune teller and base market.

Along with the base comes many new conversations between units that normally do not interact. These generally support character development and the existing story instead of adding new plot points.

Modern support system! Instead of having to grind out support ranks by sitting units next to each other for many turns, you now score one support point for deploying two units together on the map at the start. Further, the five-rank-per-unit limit has been eliminated: the only limiting factor is that only one S-rank support can be obtained per character. The S rank is new: I’ve written conversations for each of the possibilities. Units that have S-rank support will have a paired ending at the end of the game.

Support partners that fight adjacent to one another in combat have a pair-up system. They will have a chance to guard their partner or add a follow-up attack, with the chance depending on their support rank.

Finally, I’ve added critical cut-in animations (with voiced crit quotes) for each character!

This is a beta release. It is completely playable, but there might be some bugs or untested aspects. I hope players will help me polish the experience.

Known bugs and incomplete aspects:
-Lunatic difficulty has not been tested and I’m not sure if it’s possible or how hard it is.
-Unit voices in dialogue only go up to chapter ~16 or so. Ongoing side project to add them.
-Some abilities and spells such as Summon/Invoke are very rough and will be revised later.
-A few spells such as Abraxas currently lack spell animations.
-The support sidecar in the battle preview can be off the screen in certain circumstances.

Update Changelog
-Fixed a bug where certain units would fail to gain weapon proficiencies on promotion.
-Removed testing code that gave an extra knight crest.


This looks incredible! I will definitely take a look!

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This looks amazing! I really excited to play this!

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Looks great! But how exactly do you play a lex tailoni engine game?

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You just download it and run the executable. No ROM required.

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Looks cool! Gonna have to give it a try when I get in my computer :computer:

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Updated the main post with the Discord channel link.

*Edit: also fixed a bug that was brought to my attention. The main download link has been updated. I’ll post update changelogs in the main post going forward.

I discovered a bug where consumable items will simply not work.

Hmm, I just tested vulneraries and they seem to work in my hands. What consumable, and what circumstances?

Don’t worry about it. Just found out that the stat boosters were set too accessories then consumables. It isn’t a bug.

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Vulneraries reset when you go back to next chapter

Yep, this is intended. If you play with the Retro rule set, they function like normal. If you play with Modern (or custom with unlimited items rule turned on), they have per-chapter uses. So drink 'em up!

Holy shit. Been waiting on something like this since i started playing Immortal Sword. Seems like amazing work has been put into this. Can not wait to try this and see future updates.

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Been playing this and having a lot of fun, however I think I got a bug where when Kent, whom I promoted in chapter 10, attacks a brigand the game will crash. Overall, this is a very fun little game and hope it reaches completion!

Thanks for the report, will fix. What class was he promoted to?

he was promoted to paladin, I haven’t tested it with the other classes he promotes to and he was going fine until he fought a brigand and then it crashed.

Thanks. Would you mind looking in your /saves directory and sending me any debug.log files over DM? This will help me figure out the problem.

I’ll try to replicate the bug and find the .log file, but i’m new to this engine lol. Oh, and not sure if it’s intentional, but paladins can’t use swords from my most recent session playing after the crash

EDIT: Nvm, i’m dumb and had sword cavs turned off lol

No prob. The sword thing was a bug that was fixed yesterday, re-download the latest version and copy your save folder over.

Edit: this fix won’t help units that were already promoted with a knights crest in the prior version.

Can I keep Wallece with Knight Crest or I have to promotion now?