[FE7] Start chapter on the enemy phase


This code will allow the game(or chapter rather) to start on the enemy phase instead of on the player phase. Alternatively, you could change the 80 at offset 2 in the .dmp file to 40 if you want the chapter to start on the NPC phase. It should be called with an ASMC code in your opening event.

This is actually achievable by simply putting the opening event of your chapter on the enemy phase.
By using TurnEventEnemy(0x00,Opening_event,1) or TURN 0x00 OpeningScene [01,00] 0x08 0x00, the chapter will start on the enemy phase after the opening events scenes play out.

Won’t that make the first player phase start on Turn 2 though? A small little thing, but I’d imagine this routine takes care of that.

Yeah you’re right, I didn’t think about that.

Thanks for having my back Arch you’re a bro

Tbh though, that routine is really shitty and old(I wrote it in the very beginning of my first semester of college before I actually knew how to program) and it was an accident so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s inefficient or causes problems xD