[FE7] Replacing the Title Screen and Related

Does anyone know the offsets and palette for the FE7 title screen in GBAGE? I’m planning to change the fire emblem title screen to just a static image for my hack. Is it as simple as swapping out the title image for another one in this case?

Copy/paste from my notes, but I think a lot of this I got out of the Ultimate Tutorial.

Fire Emblem Shadow
Image #1368 0x66AB48

Title Screen Background:
Image #1369 (0x66AF8C) palette at 0x66AF6C

“Fire Emblem”, Shadow, Sword, misc.
stuff at Image 1371 offset 0x66FD80
^Palette at 66FCE0 (note: multiple palettes for different parts, change the palette index appropriately)

Image #1370
66F274 Armads Palette
66F294 Armads Graphics
66FB1C Armads TSA

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for further reference, how would i end up finding the offsets of the images besides from the ultimate tutorial? i couldn’t find any image offsets in nightmare besides for the CG images. the ultimate tutorial does give some offsets and others only an image number, EX. the “2003 nintendo presents” is image 1153.


is debug the function in FEditor where you use to see if the checksum worked or not?

No, he means debug as in use a debugger; the one most people use is No$gba.

I usually just comb through the ROM using GBAGE.
You can find a lot of neat things that way.

not sure how to word this but i suppose my next questions all work up to answer the topic so…

is it safe to assume that if i inserted a static image over the title screen background the fire animation and all the weapons flying into place will disappear? or is there some asm shenanigans i have to do?

i managed to find the 2003 nintendo presents image and its palette through fiddling with No$GBA and combing through the ROM with GBAGE but the thing that occurred to me was, how does the ROM know which color in the palette sequence to read first? or does that not matter? i assume thats the right image…because the ultimate tutorial said it was like image 1153? but im at 1165, and at 1153 is a line from the intro of the eight heroes.

if i were to design my own title screen and stick to only 16 colors at most(for simplicity sake), am i suppose to put the colors in any sort of specific order? EX. when i found the palette for the 2003 nintendo presents by using the palette viewer on visualboyadvance, the color palette wasn’t in any sort of order i could make out.

here is a screenshot, i assume thats the right color palette? the green being the transparency layer that the ROM uses? (much like portrait backgrounds?)


An image is a grid of numbers, and a palette is a numbered list of colours. The GBA does a paint by numbers thing to make it look right.

Colour 0 is transparent. If you are working with an existing image or palette, you’d better make sure the numbers match the colours. If you’re importing your own image with palette, just make sure the transparent colour is first.

okay, i’m still working on the title screen and will see whether or not i’ll be able to insert it. but for the meantime, thanks a lot everyone!