[FE7] Removing double WEXP on kill

despite the hours of work i put into figuring this out (all 1 of them) the way to do this is simple

[quote][5:53:39 PM | Edited 6:00:26 PM] Cam: 08029B8A change to 01 29
08029B8C change to 00 DC
[5:54:08 PM | Edited 5:54:16 PM] Cam: (and to revert my/blazer’s thing which you’re gonna want to do 08029B8E change to 48 43)[/quote]

it’s a quick and dirty way of saying “IF THE MULTIPLIER IS GREATER THAN 1 DON’T MULTIPLY”


FE8 version: paste write 01 29 00 dc to 2c142. This offset contains the same unique sequence of bytes as the location in FE7 and seems to work without a hitch for me.