[FE7] [RELEASED] Fire Emblem: The Blazing Silver PME (Update v1.0b Out!)

Okay. Am considering her as well.


Hmm… Maybe if the player is a real unit we can have the first map maybe involve the Lyn replacement starting as a green unit and you needing to recruit her, like you introducing yourself as a tactician to her and recruiting her. (Maybe even before the enemy appears.)

Maybe I can also have an obscure promotion for the player where they become a magic seal, a weird class to be in the hands of the player. Probably OP, but it could be fun.

Player-controlled magic seals are buggy, I wouldn’t recommend trying to add one.

Okay. Then I just don’t give the player any power. Just the ability to recruit anyone + exclusive characters.

I am also thinking about adding new spells for the player to cast. Even if they reuse icons/animations.

Probably like two for each type:

Anima gets spark, a 1 range anima tome that is stronger than others. (Like the water tomes in engage.)
Anima gets volition, a weak/light tome that in return increases the defense and resistance while worn.
Dark gets influx, a reaver tome.
Dark gets markov, a killing tome.
Light gets prayer, a devil tome.
Light gets smite, a 2-3 range tome.

I hope those times will make each magic type more interesting to play.

I am also thinking of adding other stuff, maybe give Thorne a lesser special signature weapon for his mode. Like maybe a special silver sword that doubles weapon triangle effectiveness so Thorne has the key against Zoe, leader of the black fang and the lesser villain defeated on that route.


What’s going to happen:
“Hey we don’t know each other, want to join my army?”

Oh and by the way Tritra if you are going to make some bosses recruitable. Then don’t make characters such as Daimler Dreyfus and Algernon playable.

I can imagine that maybe the key to it is similar to how Nils can Tell us who can support with who and do future tellings, we with our skillet, the ability to predict battles (battle preview), have the ability to know what to say to who. Maybe recruiting people is part of the job, like in the fire emblem world recruitment is so important that speaking to others, knowing who to convince to risk their life for you, is essential.

Plus it is mostly a gameplay thing, that you can always sacrifice a deployment slot and deploy a weakling so you can recruit new people.

Okay! Any particular reason for those.

Well Daimler is a major antagonist of the story was the one who sparked the Lycian Civil War and hold deep hatred towards the Aireth and the Sacaens.

Dreyfus is far worse compared to Daimler as he is responsible for the creation of the puppet soldiers upon over thousands of people throughout all of Elibe. In fact the exact same experiments would be use on Delta to turn on her own allies and work for Dreyfus which leads to her death. He also responsible for the death of Quincy. And he hellbent on turning Thorne, Aireth, Anthea, Zuiho, Miku and Madoka into puppet soldiers of his. Making him very hated by both sides of the war.

And Algernon is far too sadistic to ever join the Lycians against his own house. Plus he was going to torture Madoka when she was captured before Thorne, Anthea and Aireth intervened.

Makes sense.
And of course I won’t make Zoe recruitable.

Damn Zoe looks pretty young considering how old Marik looks. I dunno, either she actually does something to look younger or I may just have to change her portrait to be more old. (Or replace it, who knows.)


Another character that isn’t recruitable is Madoka as despite being a major character in the story she a pacifist and thus refuses to even pick up a weapon for herself instead rally on her friends and allies to protect her from harm. So she mainly serves as the Nyna or Guinivere of the hack.

Btw @Taylor about the ‘boss’ in Beyond the Border, @FuriousHaunter created it as an intentional glitch boss, hence the absolute mess that it is lol.

In the update v1.0b, besides some more dialogue bits that I’ll update, one of those will be in that same chapter. I’ll put the lore reason of that glitch boss ingame as a ‘your mind makes it real’ entity; each different character sees/hears it as a different person/gender/being altogether. Think it would be fun and creative lol.

That’s basically it for the update besides also fixing portraits left. There is also 12 free spaces of text that I’ll use to put remaining boss quotes (there are actually some left that didn’t also had quotes in vanilla, I’ll make sure to put it in this update).

That’s that, but lemme also clarify something just in case; besides the new ‘Karla’ talk event that I explained in the Readme file, the rest of unit recruitments are the same as vanilla. This is important with two specific ones that I want to explain just in case somebody is playing FE7 for the first time with my hack and doesn’t know beforehand.

  • In Whereabouts Unknown, only Rolf can recruit Lavari, which in turn is the one who recuits Edna.
  • If you get Four-Fanged Offense with Marik as the boss, only Nova can recruit Madeline.

Just in case for anyone who didn’t knew about these recruits before. Cheers! :star:


I considered giving shin a rune sword but I thought at that point it’s impossible to beat him so I decided against it


is there gonna be a fixed growths mode


Oh I can actually patch it in a separate Fixed Growths mode no problem.
I’ll only do it for the PME patch tho, as I want to leave the Vanilla patch as much alone as possible since it’s supposed to be a base for others to make their own PME if anyone wish, 100% free to edit, plus it’s easy to patch fgm in the game.

But the PME itself in the v1.0b update I’ll then create a second PME patch with fixed growths activated.


Great Levels ups :smile:
The three lords are really good, can’t wait for Aireth to rejoin.


Good news, I’ll actually be able to release v1.0b today! In about 1 to 2 hours.

This will be important as, besides the last dialogue updates & portrait fixes, it will also fix Josiah, as he still had the wrong class in Unfulfilled Heart, as well as making sure as he always appears in Cog of Destiny regardless of whenever you defeated him as a boss or not, as @TheEmeraldKing267 wishes.

If anybody managed to get to Unfulfilled Heart in my PME patch, please hold up on finishing it for just a moment while I make sure to release the v1.0b update! Then you can just patch it on a new rom while maintaining the save file. :star:


By the way are they any Battle Conversations in this update and the upcoming one that i should be aware of?

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Version 1.0b Released On Main Post!

Every change is detailed in the Changelog as well as the Readme.
Plus there is also a Fixed Growths mode available! Courtesy of @ayoze624’s request.
Highly recommend updating to this new version as there is some important fixes in it.

And now, with this, I believe that the most important fixes/reworks are all done!
I trust that I can now say, with 100% certainly, that the ownership is now fully passed to @TritraSerpifeu!
I’ll still be following this topic for sure, as I can’t wait to checkout the directions the hack will go.

Cheers! :star: