FE7 Rebuild FE8

I think the title says it all, is there a rebuild of “Fire Emblem 7” in “Fire Emblem 8”?

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No, no one has remade fe7 in fe8.

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oh well, thanks

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Are you planning on doing it yourself? Because I’ve been thinking of doing it too. I belive FE7’s story with FE8’s mechanics could be a really cool experience

really given the situation if I was starting to consider it

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It would be nice because there need to be more projects of it.

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If more somebody is interested, I will do it. If somebody’s help wants is welcome.

we could work on something together. though, I must warn you, I’m just getting into romhacking myself. But, I am fairly good at making sprites.

I have a ton of ideas for extra features that we could make

I would be interested to have both FE6 and FE7 ported in FE8.
If you plan to make the final product free to edit by everyone, I would be glad to help.

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Yeah, I was thinking that we could do something like: story starts with lyn, and then after her story ends, you can inmidiateley choose between eliwood or hector’s story (via the eirika/ephriam split path menu) and after reaching the end of either’s story, it goes into roy’s story (probably replacing creature campaign?).
And your actions on lyn’s and eliwood/hector’s story would affect roy’s story. Like, for example, if marcus died earlier, he wont be availale in roy’s story (as he shows up in both games)

Wait, we would make an FE7-6 rebuild FE8, wouldn’t it be better first to make them separately and then together?

Yeah, we should stick with fe7’s story

Also, I was thinking we could make the tactician a playable unit


This is a complete text dump of Fe7 which should made it quicker to copy and paste into the editor and they have all graphics gutted already.

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Actually it is 2/3 rds of the game my bad.

Dude. Thanks! This is going to be super helpful

It is a start.

Then it would be an FE7-6 already modified, curiously I thought to add that the strategist to my hack “Fire Emblem - Storm” that would give more importance to the strategist (besides making it playable) and rescue Lyn that is filling in the history of Eliwood and Hector

Fun fact: I belive the developers at one point were planning to make the tactician playable. There’s an unused item in FE7 called the Emblem seal, and it’s description says it’s for Mark to use (IDK if it always says Mark or if it actually says the corresponding name, I was using an unnamed tactician when I discovered this.)

The Emblem Seal does exist and it is not even unused in the North American version. But all it does is increase a single unit’s accuracy and avoid by 10.