FE7 Pure Water boost

The byte at 0x2CA84 determines how much to boost resistance by when pure water is used, but the game only uses the high order nibble(or the first hex digit). You’ll notice that at that offset there’s 0x70; you can change that to anything between 1 and 15 so for a +10 boost you’d write 0xA0 to that offset or 0x40 if you wanted a boost of +4
For barrier, the value is at 0x2C412. Same rules apply. So that means if you want, barrier and pure water can give different boosts

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In terms of where the boost is stored in RAM on the units, refer to this thread:

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Now we just need somebody to make a hack to allow different stats to be boosted

I ponder a bit on how that is to be done in that thread as well.

The easiest and most direct way would be to use the low order nibble to determine the stat instead of just being flat out unused

I made an unchecked guess that the l.o. nibble was used for the torch boost. Do we know where that is stored, instead?

why are you talking about any of that

it’d be better to force it to relocate the turn count somewhere else entirely so multiple sets of 8 bits could be used (timers for each status) and have a similarly newly allocated variable be flags of the statuses currently inflicted

don’t think so inside-the-boxfully

so you were right about the torch using the lower nibble T_T

Because standardizing out of place memory usage would be a pain and something else to check in between different hacks. Also, if we had a clearer map of where is free space for sure, exactly.

yes but why go out of your way to solve these problems in a way that will be obsolesced when much more desirable features are made available by a revision

as a scientist you should be excited to solve problems like how to standardize memory management anyway

as a tip I recommend stuffing new variables near the old ones they most closely relate to, so maybe prepend/append the battle data or the unit structs

I think I remember my dancer ring hack using that particular byte to phase out the boosted stat - the price being that only one stat could be boosted at a time, which seems like a reasonable balance.
(It worked by changing the getter methods of the stats and making the others take into account the barrier nibble and not just the resistance stat)

Oh, this is FE8 but FE7 has identical mechanics in this regard.