FE7 PME to fit my weird taste (Submissions Closed)

I’m a hardcore TTRPG player and a sucker for a good OC, so let’s make this PME a little differently. No numbers! Just give me a concept, the numbers will be handled in the background. That said, the class will be the same as the replaced unit’s.

Template for Submissions

“Born in [Month] and raised by [Nationality]s at the heart of [Homeland]. Everyone was surprised by how that [Bane] kid grew up to become such a [Boon] individual.”




  • Lycian
  • Nabatan
  • Etrurian
  • Bernite
  • Ilian
  • Western Islander
  • Sacaen


  • Lycia
  • Nabata
  • Etruria
  • Bern
  • Ilia
  • The Western Isles
  • Sacae


  • Clumsy (-Skl)
  • Frail (-Def)
  • Lazy (-Spd)
  • Naive (-Res)
  • Plain (-Str/Mag)
  • Poor (-Luk)
  • Small (-HP)


  • Blessed (+Luk)
  • Capable (+Str/Mag)
  • Clever (+Res)
  • Energetic (+Spd)
  • Keen (+Skl)
  • Resilient (+Def)
  • Vigorous (+HP)

Joke characters are allowed, but let’s use characters from another PME to draw a line.

This is okay
bushina stats
eliweak stats
riddelle stats

This is not okay
merlinsus stats fe6
yl guy stats
dolt stats

That’s it.

FE7 - Theater Kid’s PME


Merlinsus is okay


Rebecca replacement.
Name: Esfil

“Born in July and raised by Sacaens at the heart of Lycia. Everyone was surprised by how that small kid grew up to become such a capable individual.She is plagued with an illness that slowly dwindles her life away. She decided that even if she is very fragile, she will try her best at supporting anyone she comes across no matter what happens to her”(If you don’t want anything outside of the template ignore anything that’s not supposed to be their.)

Description: A girl with not much time left


Credit goes to Kanna for this portrait (if it doesn’t work just use your own)


I don’t know man, dude is kinda of sus… :thinking:

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Hey, forgot to say that, but you need to specify which FE7 character yours is replacing.

I have done it. Thanks for saying.

Harken replacement
Name: Dune

“Born in August and raised by Western Islanders at the heart of Bern. Everyone was surprised by how that poor kid grew up to become such a keen individual.”

Description: A veteran mercenary hired by the Black Fang. Doubts their motives, and looking for a way out. He is strict, but fair.

credits to LaurentLacroix for portrait

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The portrait must be a .png

That’s gonna be her for now.

Added :+1:


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is this normal or hard mode?

I dont know what happened

Priscilla replacement
Description: a wandering lady dreams to be a great healer . doesn’t have eyes for man

“Born in May and raised by Lycians at the heart of Etruia. Everyone was surprised by how that small kid grew up to become such a capable individual.”


There will be a mode selection screen (to please both Lyn Normal Mode virgins and Hector Hard Mode chads).
Since I’m not messing with classes or inventory, I don’t need to make any “chapter by chapter” changes.

Chanah added

Esfil portrait fixed

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Marcus replacement

Name: Titania

She was born in Crimea in september but she somehow teleported into Elibe.She’s really reliable.

Description : She is broken beyond repair.

Boon : Speed

Bane : Strength
Titania (NickT, Stitch)

Made by :(Nickt,Stitch)


What would be a good Elibian counterpart to Crimea? From reading the Wiki, Crimea sounds a lot like Lycia or Etruria. Which one do you want?

She can still be from another universe, but I need you to choose a Nationality and Homeland from Elibe.

Replacement of Nino

Name: Lilianna

Born in December and raised by the Sacaeans at the heart of Nabata. Everyone was surprised by how that frail girl grew up to become such a Capable young woman. It is believed she comes from another world, as she doesn’t understand the cultures behind tomes but does understand Quintessence.

Portrait by @Levin64

Description: a Mage from another world who can talk to spirits and see the future. Likes to flirt a lot with women and men.


Lyn’s Replacement
Name: Lunar

“Born in January and raised by Etrurians at the heart of Lycia. Everyone was surprised by how that frail kid grew up to become such a vigorous individual.”

Description: Future queen. Pure hearted and strong minded.


Is this fine @Falkyrie

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It’s done, my man :smirk: :+1:


Eliwood Replacement

Named Stella

Born in May and raised by Lycians at the heart of Lycia. Despite being a very Plain individual she work her way up to becoming a very Energetic leader.

Description The next queen to Pherae. A energetic and respected warrior.


Credits to @HauntRS_0337 for making this.