FE7 (or FE8) but the Enemy Control Glitch is always on

Is this possible? I talked to one friend about it and they said it’s probably a matter of changing 1 or 2 bytes somewhere (and maybe removing Fog of War) but he doesn’t know how exactly.


update: someone pointed me to this. haven’t tried it out yet so if anyone has an easier solution i’m still open. Control Enemy + NPC units [FE8]

Yeah that’s the source of the febuilder patch for it

Unsure if that includes an fe7 version

In FEBuilder, it’s called “Enable to control the enemy (for debugging)”, and it’s available for both FE7 and FE8. If you need FE6, the post l made in the thread you linked explains how to find it for that.

are you looking for this patch?

NAME.en=Remove Enemy Control Glitch


PATCHED_IF:0x0377A0=0x07 0xE0

INFO=Patches the game to remove the enemy control glitch that occurs from mines, torches, etc.\r\n

AUTHOR=Brendor Compatability:7743 https://feuniverse.us/t/enemy-control-glitch-fixes/1621

If this patch doesn’t help, please send report7z.
At that time, don’t forget to describe how to reproduce the problem.
GBAFE has been reported to have two enemy control glitches, mime and torch staff.

That’s to patch the glitch, I think Mekkah wants a patch to make it such that the player can control blue, green, and red units.

In which case this link he posted should work.