[FE7] Multi-Lord Seizing

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Usage: Just patch it. All three FE7 lord slots will be able to Seize in any mode. Also includes the “fourth” Tutorial Lyn Slot being able to Seize.

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The test was seizing with Lyn in Lyn Mode.

R00=00000003 R04=03004690 R08=08B95AAC R12=00000010
R01=00000040 R05=020251F4 R09=00000004 R13=03007D44
R02=0202BD98 R06=00000000 R10=00070316 R14=08021ECF
R03=00000000 R07=00000000 R11=03007DFC R15=08034888

R0 = Character ID in hex

34888: cmp r0, #0x02 (looking for "Hector")
3488A: beq 80338A2h
3488C: cmp r0, #0x02
3488E: bgt 8034896
34890: cmp r0, #0x01
34892: beq 803489E (If Eliwood, go there)
34894: b 80348A6h
34896: cmp r0, #0x03 (Is it Tutorial Lyn? Or is it anyone else GREATER than her value?)
34898: bne 80348A6 (If it’s ANYONE else, go there, probably "non-seize")
3489A: mov r2, #0x01


3489C: b 80348A8
348A6: mov r2, #0x03 (This makes r2 0x00 if it’s anyone OTHER than the three lords)
348A8: ldr r0, =202BBF8


348AA: r0, [r0,#0x1B] (load the byte at the address of r0 + 0x1B = 0x202BC13)
In the memory, that address contains the current mode of the game.

Lyn Mode = 0x01
Eliwood Mode = 0x02
Hector Mode = 0x03

In this case now:


348AC: cmp r0, #0x02 (Eliwood Mode)
348AE: beq 80348CA (IF Eliwood Mode, go there)
348B0: cmp r0, #0x02 (Eliwood Mode)
348B2: bgt 80348C0 (IF Hector mode, go there)
348B4: cmp r0, #0x01 (IF Lyn mode)
348B6: beq 80348C6 (go there)
348B8: b 80348D2 (ELSE, go here)

348C0: cmp r0, #0x03 (We go here if Eliwood mode) (See if Hector Mode? Seems redundant)
348C2: beq 80348CE
348C4: b 80348D2 (ELSE? Seems freaking redundant)


… etc. etc.

To make it so that ALL Three Lords can Seize in ANY Mode, change the first "IF "This Lord"" to all of them,

AS WELL as changing, "IF This mode and this lord".

So Basically:

34888: 2803 cmp r0, #0x03
3488A: DD08 beq 803489E (IF 0x03 of less aka any of the 3 lords, go to "Eliwood Decision")

Goes through "Eliwood is the Lord" route with All three Lords

348AC: 2803 cmp r0, #0x03
348AE: DD0C ble 80348CA (IF any of the three modes with the three lords, display "Seize command", in a nutshell)

As for Regular Lyn, Recall:

34896: cmp r0, #0x03 (Is it Tutorial Lyn? Or is it anyone else GREATER than her value?)
34898: bne 80348A6 (If it’s ANYONE else, go there, probably "non-seize")

Change it to Regular Lyn and branch the instruction to go to the "Eliwood" route


34896: 282D cmp r0, #0x2D
34898: D105 bne 80348A6 (Leave this alone)
3489A: E000 b 803489E (Eliwood Route)

My “horrendous source,” according to Hextator.

I think we all know the deal by now
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…Arch has been using my account to post old stuff. So whenever I log in I always get “a draft in progress”. xD

Maybe I should go back and look at my “posts” to see what needs fixing.

Just want to make sure, under usage it says to just patch it. Do I need to worry about it overwriting any data in the free spaces in my ROM? I can’t read the source material.

Looking at the source material, do you see any pointers that supercede D00000? (The answer is no.) It only overwrites existing game data.

Ah, I suppose the string of numbers would be the pointers then, thanks agro! Didn’t want to install it and then find out later on down the road that I did somethign wrong

This patch is going 404, can anyone re-upload it?