[FE7]Fire Emblem: The Blazing Rebalance v0.2.4 (Looking for testers)

Hello everyone!

This is my first attempt on a balance hack (or hack in general). I’m using Mkol’s FE7 QoL patch as a base for this.

My main objective with this rebalance is trying to keep everything vanilla as possible, but that doesn’t means that there can be major changes in certain maps/characters/class changes on it. I still lack a lot of knowledge about how some stuff works in feBuilder but I do my best (still, help will be always welcome).

Now with that said, I have finalized the first Alpha patch of this hack, this one is just focusing on character and class rebalance and it most of the adjustments can be seen from Lyn Mode Ch1 to Hector Mode Ch16. I will be happy to receive any feedback for this. You are Free to continue the adventure. obviously, but you’ll not notice much change besides some minor stuff.

Main Changes

For Character changes you can access this link here to check them out.

  • Added a Slim Axe
  • Sol Katti doesn’t suck anymore
  • Various durability changes
  • Slim weapons now train weapon spec faster
  • Bows now do x3 effectiveness against flyers
  • The Earth Seal will be the standard promotion item
  • Thieves and Pirates can now promote with the Earth Seal

These changes also apply to your units.

  • Cavaliers are slower but now they have a little more defence, more strength and skill (this also apply to Paladins)
  • Soldiers have small buffs in their bases and growths
  • Monks have buffs in bases and growths
  • Knights and Generals have average speed bases and growths
  • Generals now have +1 movement
  • Promotions will bring all weapons to D rank
  • Ch1 has an extra Brigand (wooo exiting!!)
  • Lyn mode enemies have higher levels
  • Both Eliwood and Hector mode from Ch11 to Ch15(16 in HM) enemies have higher levels
  • Added the Slim Axe in some Armories
  • Added new battle/map animations for Knights [Credits to SALVAGED]
  • Added new class card for Knights [Credits to SALVAGED]
  • Added new battle/map animations for Generals [Credits to TheBlindArcher, DerTheVaporeon, Nuramon]
  • Added new class card for Generals [Credits to Pushwall, SamirPlayz]
  • Added new battle animations for Brigands [Credits to RRSKAI]
  • Added new class card for Clerics [Credits to flasuban, HyperGammaSpaces]
  • Added custom battle animations for Berserker Dart [Credits to Greentea]
  • Added Slim Axe Icon [Credits to Kyrads]


You can download the .ups file from here.

If you want access to the folder (it contains more in depth info about the changes) you can click right here.

For testing

If you want to be a tester send me a DM here or a comment can work too! If you just want to send feedback then just comment here, any piece of criticism will be appreciated!