[FE7] Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade REMASTERED (FE7 Reskin)

The regular patch only changes the graphics, but the QoL change more things. You have the changes in the readme file, but I copy-paste them here. Sorry for not having answered you sooner.

FE7Remastered X QoL: Using the previous path as a base, this version includes some gameplay and Quality of Life changes. It adds magic weapons (Levin Sword and Wind Spear), Fighters change into Heroes instead of Warriors, Rebecca change into a Nomad Trooper, support gains from far and quicker (specially in late game characters). Characters have a 10% more of growth in all stats, bows are now part of the weapon “triangle”, being effective against any kind of magic, Pent can use Bolgaronne (since he’s the pupil of Athos), the S rank weapons become effective against the dragon, Wallace has been rebalanced to make him useful (he begin as a level 20 knight, so if he appears as a General he has better stats), Nino begins at level 10 for the sake of supervivency and Jaffar appears at level 20 as an NPC, but when you recruit him he has his normal level, you can steal the silver card in Eliwood mode, the Lockpicks durability has been doubled (but not the price), the experience gain has been increased a little. For the sake of testing I included some cheat weapons in the first shops of the game and I leaved them if you want to test things or play for the story (they have the text “You’re a cheater” in their descriptions).

FE7Remastered X QoL Challenge: The weapon triangles are now three times more effective and the crit bonus of Swordmasters and Berserkers is doubled (matching the bonus in Binding Blade). This will make the game easier in some parts, but in others where some enemies has two type of weapons it can be tricky.

Thanks for that, much appreciated.

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You’re welcome. Enjoy! There’s a “fun patch”, try it if you want, it changes characters and more stuff.

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For the qol change patch, which shops sell the cheat weapons?

does this hack allow you to S multiple weapons or is the ranking unchanged from vanilla?

I love Sacred Trilogy. One of my favorites, made me actually appreciate Sacred Stones funnily enough


Eliwood and Hector route first shop

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Can we recuit linus/Lloyd with nino defend on which brother die first?
Naturally i want both.

No it is like vanilla FE 7

:frowning: Sad

I will be waiting for the day they remake Fire Emblem 7 in Fire Emblem 8 (as well as the great remake of Fe 6 in Fe 8)


It’ll be worth the wait if they released it on the Switch or on a future Nintendo console.

fixed growths ver please