[FE7] Fire Emblem : Brave Fates V0.16 (02/03/2021)


Hello everyone! First I’d like to apologize if there’s some spelling mistakes coming from me, I’m not an English native speaker and my english isn’t perfect unfortunately…

I’m JadenVlad and I’d like to present my first FE7 romhack, Fire Emblem: Brave Fates.

Origin and evolution

I came up with this idea 5 years ago and thought it’d be cool to make a game using the universe of Brave Frontier, a RPG mobile and gacha game, with the gameplay of Fire Emblem.

I made two major attempts to create a fun experience for the players of Brave Frontier but it always ended in a failure because of my mistakes and lack of confidence. I’m here again for my third and probably final attempt, hoping this is the right one ah…ah.

I’ve always hesitated to post my romhack anywhere other than reddit since I wasn’t sure if this would interest anyone outside of the players of Brave Frontier. But someone said to me years ago that the animations may interest people in the community so I thought I should try to present it once I feel I was more confident about it.

What is Fire Emblem: Brave Fates?

Fire Emblem: Brave Fates is a FE7 romhack with a lot of references to the mobile game Brave Frontier. If I had to describe this romhack, I’ll probably say: “it’s the universe of Brave Frontier with the gameplay of Fire Emblem”.

Because of that, you may find that everything doesn’t really fit the FE style especially the custom sprites and the mugshots. Indeed, the custom sprites are themselves based on the ones from Brave Frontier and the mugshots are also based on the ones from Brave Frontier or the fan art of the community, which have a lot of talented artists.

As for the story, if you’ve never played Brave Frontier it’ll be hard to understand it and the many references but I hope that maybe you’ll enjoy seeing the animations and discover the others features! I would be more than happy if this romhack makes you want to discover the world of Brave Frontier.

For now the game is unpolished in a lot of part since I worked alone on it and the fact that I’m not an english native speaker doesn’t help. But I still want to do my best to propose a fun game
that everyone can enjoy despite it flaws and my lack of skills as I love Brave Frontier and the Fire Emblem series.

Story introduction
A short summary for those who don't know the story of Brave Frontier

The player is a summoner, a person capable of summoning the spirit of dead beings to fight.
The first arc of the game take place in the world of Grand Gaia, a world that’ve been ravaged by a war which opposed the humans and the gods several years ago.

In the beginning of the game you’ve been called by Lucius, the God of the Gate who have the ability
to create portals to teleport to other places. He task you with the objective to defeat the 4 remaining fallen gods with the help of others summoners and his disciple, Tilith.

After defeating the final boss the first arc, you’ve been suddently summoned by an alternate Tilith in an
another Grand Gaia. The difference is that you never existed in this version of Grand Gaia and there’s an anomaly that may put this world in peril. You decide to investigate with the help of Tilith what this anomaly is and the source of it.

  • Around 25 playable chapters excluding the branching choice one
  • You are the main character and can choose between 3 starter classes: Mercenary, Lancer, Mage
  • Custom battle sprites (non-promoted and promoted classes) based on the one from Brave Frontier
  • Custom soundtracks based on the original music of Brave Frontier
  • Your choices matter (different chapters, different recruitable characters, different endings, …)
  • Dialogues and interactions from the characters of Brave Frontier with their original personalities
  • Unique weapons and items design based on the ones from Brave Frontier
  • The presence of “Trials”, based on the same type of content in Brave Frontier. Trials are optional difficult chapters in which you can recruit a powerful character. Since Brave Frontier had a lot of collaborations, each trial character is from an another franchise (such as the Tales of series)

1 2 3 4
5 6

Preview of some battle animations

Please note that some of the animations below aren’t implemented yet and any battle animation is subject to changes.

7 89 10

Can I help?

I currently searching for :

  1. Someone with an excellent level in English to correct the many spelling mistakes I made (and probably will do)
  2. Testers to test the difficulty of the game, if some game design choices aren’t too weird, see if there’s any bugs to fix, give feedbacks
  3. Someone who can create maps using Tiled

Feel free to contact me or leave a comment below if you’re interested.
I think those are my current priorities but if you want to help with anything else (sprites, mugshots, graphics, writing the dialogues, …) feel free to do the same !



  • Chapter 5 and 5x added
  • Changes to two item icons
  • Minor changes to the chapter 4 to make it easier
  • Minor changes to the map of the Chapter 3 (Magutagal Wetlands)


  • Chapters 2, 3 (2 possible chapters) and 4 added
  • Minor dialogues changes and typo fix
  • Bugs fix


  • Prologue and chapter 1 added
  • Some graphics changes
  • Custom musics added

If I’ve missed someone by mistake (or did some mistakes), please let me know! I’ll update this list as things progress.

  • Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo
  • Custom sprites based on the sprites from Brave Frontier developed and published by A-Lim
  • Mugshots based on the official arts of Brave Frontier and the fanarts of : Caneera, hk, kimmy77, ohhLenai
  • Mercenary (F) map sprite by Agro
  • Fighter (FE10) map sprite by L95
  • Custom musics: Brave Arc - Brave Frontier, Randall - Brave Frontier, Painful Battle - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Chaos - Super Robot Wars A
  • Tools & documentation : Nintenlord, Hextator, 7743, Blazer, Arch, Zahlman, BluuArc, Gryz

A special thanks to my friend Kogami who recently helped me for the tests and the community of FEUniverse, Serenes Forest and Brave Frontier without whom I would not be here today.

Download link [v0.16], 5 chapters

Update note ~02/03/2021~

Hello everyone!

The version 0.16 is finally here with the chapters 5 and 5x being playable.

In this romhack, every gaiden chapters (except one particular type of chapter) is what I call “dream” chapters.

A dream chapter is a chapter in which, most of the time, the units you play with are imposed.
As the name suggest, you explore the dream of a character with the dream being about an important moment of their past.

There’s always at least one choice you have to make in this chapter with a certain consequence on the character himself, how the chapter will end or how the chapter will turn out.
Since this is the first dream, there’s only one choice you have to make but as things progress you will have possibilities.

What to expect in the next version:

  • Addition of the chapter 6
  • Addition of the chapter 6x, “A Day in Randall”.
    This mandatory chapter is similar to the Chapter 29x: Battle Preparations of FE7 and is the only chapter where you can buy
    supplies, train in the arena and attempt a trial so they’re pretty much essentials.
    For that reason this chapter isn’t really unique and you’ll have several occasion to revisit
    Randall (same map but different supplies, trial and of course dialogues).
  • Addition of the Trial 1

See you next time!

v0.16 preview


Thank you for reading! I’m open to everything : opinions, advices, critics… I know there’s still a lot to do but I’ll do my best ! Also feel free to ask me if you have any questions.


Brave Frontier x Fire Emblem huh? Can’t say that’s something I ever expected to see. I barely remember anything about Brave Frontier even though I played it a lot years ago.

You’ve done a good job bringing some of the animations to the FE format. The difference in art style is admittedly a bit jarring, but it’s probably something most people can look past. I wonder if changing the enemy/map palette to be somewhat closer to the BF characters could be an easier way of mending that difference a bit? Hard to say.

Regardless this is intriguing, and it’s always nice to see people try and do different things in the hacking community. Best of luck to you!

How do you choose the starter class? i started as a mercenary. Is the affinity how it works? But other then the summoner not having a portrait, the hack is amazing and has a lot of potential, though i’d say from the start, you should have either Selena, Vargus or the earth guy i forgot the name of. (been awhile since i played brave frontier.) Hope to see this improve!

Thanks for your support! I’m also a former BF player, haven’t played it for years too.

Yeah I agree that there’s a lack of harmony between the art style of BF and FE, I tried to fix it by changing the palette of the BF characters to something closer to the FE art style but then I felt it wouldn’t be true to the original sprite so I gave up. I haven’t tried the other way around but I think it’s a good idea, might be worth to try ~

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Glad you liked it!

You can choose the starter class in the prologue when Tilith is asking you which weapon you want to use. If the dialogue is skipped the default choice is the mercenary, I haven’t found a way to prevent the player from skipping dialogues unfortunately…

I haven’t though about the affinity and the support conversations yet but it’s something I plan to do later. Same for the remaining mugshots, I haven’t done the summoner mugshot yet since he/she never speaks.

The six heroes are playable later too, at first it was my intention to make one of them playable at the start but then lorewise they’re supposed to be the strongest spirits so I want them to be recruitable later (with their unique weapons). The earth guy is Lance ~

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Ah, that makes sense, I look forward to seeing this complete and will keep tabs on it’s progress as i love brave frontier and play it a lot.

This looks cool.
I can help in fixing the dialogue and whatnot though, but it’s up to ya.
(Yeah, this means I’m interested somewhat :D)

Brave frontier x FE! To be honest I thought about doing this with some of the grand gaia chronicles as the story but it never got past the idea phase. As someone who still plays that damn game(I’m in way too deep) it’s nice seeing the it outside of where I usually do. I dunno how lore involved this hack plans on being( I saw the arc 1 recap) but if you need any supplementary info I could help. Other than that this looks kinda interesting and, given my experiences with the source material, much easier to win at. I’ll have to give this a try when I get the chance.

For FE7, there’s the command that FEBuilder calls “skip prohibition”. To enable skipping again, there’s “skip lifting”.

Oh I didn’t know it existed in FEBuilder. I tested it and it works like a charm, thanks !

I haven’t thought too much about the story yet, I only know what I want to do until the chapter 10-11 which should be the end of the first arc. After that I plan to do the Ishgria and the Summoner Arc although it won’t be the exact same story as in Brave Frontier, I’m not too familiar with those two arcs nor the characters related to it (it’s been awhile since I played the game) so I’m interested by some supplementary info about it. I do think that BF has a rich lore and there’s a lot of potential to it too !


I don’t know if you’re in the FeU discord, but if you have questions feel free to add me on discord (Ysor#9192) or DM me on here. Brave frontier lore can get real interesting. My favorite is the 12 guardian’s and then Blue-blood revelation.

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Fascinating… most fascinating…
I used to play Brave Frontier myself…

I saw brave frontier I download it, i hope you can finish this hack bro!!

I have to say, the sprites and animations looks fantastic, great job!


  • Chapter 5 and 5x added
  • Changes to two item icons
  • Minor changes to the chapter 4 to make it easier
  • Minor changes to the map of the Chapter 3 (Magutagal Wetlands)

More details on the update note (late reply but thanks for comments!)

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