[FE7] Fire Emblem 7: Reignited, first patch version 1.0 ready for play

Hello, the first patch of my first Fire Emblem ROM Hack is now available to be played. As such, it is not yet fully complete, so there will be some missing elements. Like I stated in my previous post, you should be able to play this hack from beginning to end without issue. However, if you do come across any bugs or problems, no matter how minor, please inform me about them so I can fix them. Any other general feedback such as gameplay feel, difficulty, aesthetics, etc. would also be greatly appreciated.

Additionally, I have provided a Google Document changelog explaining every single change made in this ROM Hack thus far in great detail: Changelog: Fire Emblem 7 Reignited (version 1.0) - Google Docs

Without beating around the bush, here is the patch for download: FE7 Reignited.emulator.PATCH.1.0.ups - Google Drive

Happy playing!



Hello, my name is Jason. I have been a big fan for the Game Boy Advance Fire Emblem games ever since I first played them on an emulator on my crappy middle school Chromebook. I fell in love with FE7 pretty quickly even though I sucked at it lol. I also ended up playing FE8 and FE6 over time.

While I am quick to herald FE7 as one of my favorite GBA games of all time, it is far from perfect. There have always been certain parts or aspects of FE7 that I just don’t look forward to whenever I start a new playthrough of the game. The game also feels a bit outdated in certain ways, and arguably a bit clunky by today’s standards.

Thus, I introduce my very first ROM Hack, Fire Emblem 7: Reignited! Please, think of it as a rebalance to Fire Emblem 7; an alternative experience to play FE7. As this is my first hack, I have not changed too much from the base game. I did not mess much with the game’s plot or other major things.

As of now, my hack is well on the road to being completed, filled with changes that will hopefully impress both first-timers and veteran FE7 players alike:

With that being said, I hope you look forward to what I have in store so far. I would be very grateful for any feedback you guys may have.

  • Increased difficulty on all modes

  • Updated map textures and color palettes

  • 5 new playable characters (support conversations in progress)

  • New and previously unused weapons/items

  • Increased music variety and sound effects

  • 100% completion is possible

  • Better dialogue and weapon/item descriptions

  • Stat adjustments for items, weapons, and characters

  • Massive quality of life improvements

  1. Difficulty

It’s no secret that Fire Emblem 7 is generally considered to be on the easier side of Fire Emblem games, especially on normal mode. Because of this, I have made the enemies noticeably tougher on every difficulty in the game. All enemy class growths total to 280%. Enemies will also gain hard mode bonuses on lyn hard mode and eliwood hard mode. On hard mode, the enemy stats are almost comparable to FE6 hard mode enemies, making for quite a challenging experience.

In addition to statistical gains, enemies also brandish better, more varied sets of equipment. Too often do enemies use the same generic weapons repeatedly, failing to test the player’s knowledge of weaponry. Bosses also benefit from the above as well, becoming increasingly better equipped the further into the game you go.

Speaking of bosses, the final chapter has undergone some radical changes. I won’t spoil everything, but let’s just say that you’ll be fighting many, many more familiar faces… it will be very very hard.

  1. Updated map textures and color palettes

I have made texture edits to nearly every map in FE7, some minor and others much more distinguished. I always found some of the maps in FE7 to be rather bland or just straight up not looking that good. Despite not having the greatest track record when it comes to art, I do hope my cosmetic touches to the battlefield make each chapter a little more memorable without interfering with gameplay.

Other graphics, such as battle animations have been updated slightly. The color palettes of certain characters have been adjusted and I have activated Kishuna’s normally unused battle animations. Other unused battle animations have also been imported from the other gba FE games (female nomads, female druids, etc.). Previously unused graphics such as weapon icons and cutscene graphics have also been inserted.

The 3 main Lords are much more expressive in their text conversations between each other and other characters. In vanilla, I found that their facial expressions hardly alter, frequently making their appearance hardly befitting the context of the situation.

  1. 5 new playable characters

All but one of these characters already appear in the story, but now they are actually playable in the game.

First up is Jake, a pirate. Yes, the very same pirate who you see if you visit Anna in chapter 16x. In this hack, you will meet Jake on Chapter 17: Pirate Ship regardless of whether you’ve seen Anna or not, and he decides to tag along on your journey. In a twist atypical of members of his class, Jake sacrifices some speed and strength for some great skill and more solid durability. As for promotion troubles, you’ll be in for a nice surprise later.

Next is Terra, a Sacaen nomad who fled to the Dread Isle to avoid brewing tensions between the Sacaen clans. You can encounter her in Chapter 18x: Imprisoner of Magic as a green unit. She holds the honor of being one of two Nomads in the game and also the only playable female version of the class. She’s not one to talk much with others outside of Sacaens, but she can contribute on the battlefield with her high strength, defense, and skill.

This is a much more familiar face. The very fortune teller who has tagged along with your party for over half of the game, Hannah, is now playable. As soon as it seems like she abandons her fortune telling services in Chapter 23: Four Fanged Offense, she volunteers to continue traveling with the crew in exchange for a guaranteed life of retirement in castle Ostia after the war, bringing along a new invention as she does so. In line with her witty nature, Hannah is an unusual Druid. She is very much a glass cannon with high Magic, Speed, and Luck, but low HP, Skill, Def, and even Res. Her weapon ranks sit at an impressive A rank Dark and B rank Staves.

Following Hannah is the fourth and most irregular of the bunch. Present for only a single chapter, Murdock may join you in your attempt to defend Zephiel in Chapter 26: Battle Before Dawn. He’s a powerful prepromoted General with great HP, Strength, Defense, and enormous Constitution. However, he will not be convinced easily. Suspecting something strange at hand and finding the orders he was given to be suspicious, Murdock defies his king’s orders and heads towards Zephiel’s manse, following his own accord. He will show up with a small detachment of Soldiers several turns into the battle. He can be reasoned with by talking to him with any of the three Lords, but only after someone has engaged Murdock in a round of combat. Murdock can be a useful ally in this otherwise tough chapter. He even has growth rates, although again, his contributions will be no more after this chapter. It is not required to keep him alive, but it is recommended.

Lastly, and perhaps most deserving, is Uncle Jan. His inability to be recruited in vanilla FE7 always irritated me to no end, given how reasonable it seemed in his dialogue with Nino and others. To recruit him, the player must have played through Chapter 26x: Night of Farewells. Then, in Chapter 27: Cog of Destiny, the player must deploy Nino on the map. With this done, Jan will appear at the start, resolving to not run away and help Nino build a new family. Despite being a late joining, unpromoted Brigand, Jan does possess some potential. He has massive growth rates overall, nearing a 400% total, although most of it is geared towards defensive stats. This reflects his cowardly nature, with his massive speed, luck, def, and even good Res growths standing out in particular. His offenses are comparatively average. Even his base stats are high enough to contribute something for his join time, and he’s fast enough to not get doubled by even the infamous hard mode Valkyries. As for promotion, Brigands now also promote using Ocean Seals. Finally, he’s a playable Brigand! Who doesn’t like that?

  1. New weapons and items

I’ve added several new toys to play with; some new, and some normally unobtainable within the game. Some weapons return from older games, such as Aircalibur, while others like the Runic axe are entirely new. Other unobtainable items like the Wind Sword can also be found.

  1. Music and sound effects

Some sound effects have been added to battle animations that lacked them previously. Additionally, certain vanilla and new bosses have different battle music themes. More sound effects are also added to cutscenes.

Some of the music played on certain chapters are now different.

  1. 100% completion

By technicality, FE7 is actually not possible to 100% complete without the use of external tools. There are normally 2 songs in the sound room that cannot be obtained within gameplay, but only by use of the Mario Kart Double Dash bonus disk. While this is arguably the stupidest thing to be unhappy with on the entire planet, I still believe that being able to make the true 100% completion of FE7 achievable is a good thing, no matter how nonexistent the real reward is. Now, the 2 songs are unlocked last, after every other song in the sound room has already been unlocked.

  1. Better dialogue and descriptions

Being originally from Japan, the international versions of FE7 are not without text errors. Thus, I took it upon myself to fix every single localization, grammatical, and translational error within every possible support conversation, cutscene dialogue, battle quote, or map event that I could find. This also fixes the confusion of Nergal not referring to Aenir as his wife’s name instead of a location.

In a similar vein, weapons and items have had their descriptions updated to be more specific, and most importantly, more accurate. For example, the Rapier, Mani Katti, and Wolf Beil now correctly state “Effective against knights, cavalry.” instead of stating it’s “good against infantry”, erroneously implying that they are effective against any foot unit. Meanwhile, Vulneraries now state the exact amount of HP they restore, Mines state exactly how much damage they deal, and the dancer rings list the exact stat bonuses they grant for one turn.

  1. Adjustments to weapons, items, and characters

All bows have had their might increased by 1 and their hit increased by 5. Combined with the reduced might of Javelins and Hand Axes (-1), this should make Bows highly competent, at least at a distance. The short bow is reworked to allow attacking at close range, but might and accuracy have been lowered slightly, along with removing its crit bonus.

Blades have slightly better accuracy, marginally higher might, and slightly less weight. Don’t get complacent though, they’re still much heavier than other swords. All steel weapons have marginally decreased weight. The Slim weapons give a small bonus to crit; it’s not as high as Killer weapons, but it’s high enough to the point of being a realistic possibility. Additionally, their might has been increased slightly.

The Devil Axe has received a bevvy of buffs that would be very time consuming to list here. Ultimately, it is more reliable and practical to use. Despite this, if you still don’t want anything to do with it, you can sell it instead for a much higher value.

Poison weapons have significantly increased might and hit, although not as much as their regular Iron counterparts. The poison status condition itself is also deadlier, dealing a minimum of 5 damage per turn. To compensate, the amount of enemies wielding Poison weapons have been greatly reduced in order to reduce annoyance.

Vulneraries now heal units for 15HP. Even as early game healing items, I find that 10HP tends to lose its value pretty dang quickly, especially after the player gains access to more reliable forms of healing. Mines also deal 20 damage instead of a measly 10, although I think you know what most players actually use them for…lol.

Healing staves give slightly increased exp and weapon exp. It might not seem like much at first glance, but any amount helps level up your unpromoted healers quicker.

The dancer rings cannot be repaired with the Hammerne staff. The Warp staff also cannot be repaired with the Hammerne staff, and a Hammerne cannot repair itself (it’s not possible to obtain more than one Hammerne even in this hack by normal means but better to be safe than sorry).

Light magic as a whole has been buffed. All light magic tomes have lighter weight, even higher accuracy, and marginally increased critical bonuses. Almost all dark magic tomes have had their weight reduced significantly and their accuracy raised by a decent amount. Normally, most dark magic outside of Flux and the occasional Luna were either too heavy or inaccurate to be realistically useful.

Characters who are generally considered to be underpowered or bad relative to the rest of the cast have received some adjustments. Mainly, their base stats have been improved in one way or another. Their growth rates remain unchanged for the most part, and if they are, it is not so much that it completely changes the function/identity of the character. While I am not attempting to achieve perfect balance among all the units, as that is both mathematically impossible and not as fun, I do want to make it so that even the worst units can be used without feeling like you’re hitting yourself.

Nino, in particular, has received some pretty drastic changes. I would consider her reputation to be divisive, it is clear that most players agree that she is just not optimally good. Although my changes arguably still don’t make Nino anywhere close to “viable” or even good, I did have the goal of making her more appealing or fun to use at least. After all, isn’t that what drives people to train this character in the vanilla game anyways? The list of changes includes:

  • Unlike other mages, Nino can use light magic. This fits her both personality wise and her talent as a young prodigy.
  • Nino has accelerated exp gain as a Mage, on par with the same rate as thieves. She does lose this quirk upon promoting to a Sage, as a promoted Nino should ideally be able to handle her own, so consider when to promote her.
  • She has even more massively inflated growth rates, tying with her Uncle Jan for a ridiculous 380%. Her defensive growths are still not that high, but all other stats are more likely to result in some very satisfying level ups (ding! ding! ding! ding! ding! ding! six stat level up).
  • Nino gains an immediate C rank in Staves upon promotion.
  • Nino starts with a Thunder tome instead of Elfire in Battle Before Dawn. This will help her to not potentially get doubled or destroyed as quickly.
  • Nino’s base stats, including Con, is increased by 1. I know Con doesn’t have many standards as a stat, but being weighed down by even Fire before promotion is just annoying, especially for a growth unit.

However, her base stats have hardly changed otherwise. Please put down your torches, I only keep her low bases because I believe it’s simply a part of the character. I think buffing her bases too much would make Nino lose the charm of being the whole “zero to hero” character.

Nergal’s tome, Ereshkigal, has been made into a personal weapon. Don’t know why it wasn’t like this in the first place.

  1. Quality of Life improvements
  • All difficulty modes are patched to be unlocked from the start.
  • Merlinus gains more Movement after promotion, along with some stat boosts. (6 movement when promoted, gains 5 HP and 2 Def/Res upon promotion)
  • Merlinus can have his own item inventory and trade with other units even during the heat of battle. This also allows him to visit villages and obtain items without the drawback of not being able to withdraw them from his inventory until the following chapter.
  • Master Seals (renamed from Earth Seal) can reclass all non Lord classes, including Thieves, Pirates, and Brigands.
  • The number of available promotional items have been increased and dispersed throughout the game. You won’t need to worry about the Ocean Seals or Fell Contracts as much. In particular, a Knight Crest is dropped by Darin in the Dragon’s Gate chapter. An Ocean Seal is also dropped by a Pirate in the Dread Isle and another Ocean Seal is stealable in Night of Farewells. An earlier Fell Contract is also dropped by Linus/Lloyd during their first encounter in Four Fanged Offense.
  • Ocean Seals and Fell Contracts only sell for 5000, same as other promotional items.
  • All promoted classes start with at least D rank in their newly gained weapon rank, with few exceptions. No more starting at E Staves for Canas! :smiley:
  • All unpromoted healers gain an immediate C rank in their new weapon type upon promotion. This is an attempt to compensate for at least 10 levels of being unable to fight, and thus being unable to raise weapon rank.
  • The Member Card and Silver Card are unsellable, as to prevent accidentally selling them (and thus locking yourself out of secret shops or a nice permanent discount).
  • Shops and Armories have better loot for sale. Secret shops have especially lucrative item selections in stock, making each of them more considerable to pay a visit.
  • Certain battle animations for specific classes have been sped up slightly. Smoother pacing, same great pixelated action!
  • Bartre only needs to be promoted to get Karla to appear. He doesn’t need to be any higher than level 1.
  • A Glimpse in Time can be unlocked without the need to play Lyn’s tale. The requirement of playing Hector’s tale and killing Kishuna in the previous chapter is still necessary. Speaking of which…
  • Kishuna is less impossible to kill in Imprisoner of Magic. Kishuna is notorious in his first appearance for being both ridiculously durable and dodgy. I’ve decreased his evasiveness and durability by a good amount and even added a droppable blue gem on him to really encourage players.

I actually created an entire Google Document listing out every single change in this ROM Hack in great detail, but I found out that the site doesn’t allow posting links inside of posts. Oops :slight_smile:


Seems quite interesting, will definitely try it when you’re finished.

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I have a patch that is mostly complete. If you would like to play through what I have so far, I could probably upload the patch here. You should be able to play through the entire game without issue, but please do let me know if you encounter any problems, even ones that don’t affect gameplay.


Following this post because these changes genuinely sound amazing. I love FE7, but having a more challenging version of it to play is just too good to pass up. Can’t wait for the patch to drop!


In regards to Nino…i think her biggest issue isn’t even hers, it’s that Anima magic is the weakest of the 3 types in lategame. Like Druids have Luna to kill the high RES foes in the last few maps and Bishops have Aureola to murder Nergal and the Dragon but anima at best has Excalibur, which does peanuts to all of the above. I don’t think she needs access to light magic or higher growths, if anything growth rates in FE7 are pretty good across the board and her growths are very good. I think what she really needs a +1 to CON, a +3 to her base stats (except HP and DEF) and access to Forblaze in the final chapter. That way she can actually be trained into an endgame boss killer, or outright sweeper.

EDIT: Also no Leila?


So, where’s the patch?


OP doesn’t have permissions for links yet. They’ll figure it out eventually lol


Yeah, I figured that out quickly already. I’m not sure what I have to do to be able to upload a link to my patch. Perhaps it will come in time?


Once I figure out how I can upload a link to my patch, I will release it in a separate post. I’m very new to this site as you could probably tell. Also, nice profile picture, based off of Sigune?


Just make some comments on other posts that should get you the permissions to add a link to the post.

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Seems pretty cool, definitely gonna play try the game again with your changes. Although I have to say…

no Leila?

Okay, thanks for letting me know.

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Tryning it right know, let’s see how it goes

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Ok, so looking at the changelist by itself, there’s alot of good stuff (new weapons and more high end armories, especially), but there’s alot that just doesn’t feel right. I will be playing this on and off and may have more feedback, but i wanted to get initial thoughts out the way since i’ve played this game as vanilla and in other rebalances, so i have a decent grasp of it. And as always these are just my thoughts on the matter, you can do with them as you please.

General issues

Growth rate changes. Outside of FE6 (due to it’s piss-poor growth totals), i don’t agree with growth rate changes. FE7 units in general come with higher growths overall and tweaking them even more along with the promo gains, will lead to what i like to reffer as the “Project Ember issue” where you will likely be capping most, if not all of your stats, which kills specialization and variance. Having your units cap 1-3 stats is fine…having multiple units cap multiple stats tends to warp the game.

Second issue is modded promo gains between male and female units. Honestly in most cases, i wouldn’t mind this, but here, along with everything else, it seems like a convoluted change that makes readability harder for no reason.

Third issue i have is nerfing units. I think given it’s single player nature, nerfs are unnecessary and outright kill the fun in certain units, unless there’s an egregious issue that warps the game. Like nerfing Pent’s staff rank, or Harken’s stats, it’s unnecessary at best and outright kills the unit’s niche at worse, especially given how you raised the base staff rank on promo.

Also to note: Since Assassins now retain steal, be sure to program Jaffar’s AI to not steal in Battle Before Dawn. Assuming how high enemy density and quality will likely be, it will be a death sentence to him, if he spends an action to steal, rather than kill a target or heal. Also +3 STR on promo for a class that has a 20 STR cap seems overkill.

I did enjoy the Max stat changes though. I would suggest raising the SPD on Berserker to 30 and just lean in to their high damage, daredevil playstyle.

Specific Units
  • Lyn: Honestly i did enjoy most of the changes, though i’d swap SKL for SPD and up her STR by 1 more point. Usually Lyn doesn’t have accuracy issues and will cap SKL most of the time, but being able to double from the start and hit a bit harder will be far more valuable to help her develop. Her promo gains are on point, so no issue there. But one glarring issue is that she still uses Sol Katti. Even with the buffs, it is a discount regalia weapon at best. I’d argue to just scrap it and give her the Mulagir. It’s the perfect weapon to act as a narrative counterpoint to Hector’s Armads and Eliwood’s Durandal and it’s stats are much more in line with what Lyn is at that point.
  • Eliwood: Outside of removing growth changes, i’d up his STR and SPD by 1 more point. Everything else is fine.
  • Hector: I’m assuming you also upped his SKL growth, but you mistyped it? Base SKL up is good, get rid of growth and maybe up his LCK by 2-3 points. Other than that he’s good.
  • Wil: I think you went a bit overboard on him and not in the right places. Wil is meant to be one of your first sources of chip damage and more of a one-hit, heavy hitter as opposed to Rebecca who should be your consistent doubling unit. I’d tone down the SPD buff and up hit STR even more. Like a +2-3 to STR and a +1 to everything else.
  • Dorcas: Yeah this is way overboard. Dorcas is meant to be a deffensive wall since you don’t have a knight, plus with modded Lyn mode having HMB, he’s likely to be way too big, way too fast, so atleast have him be a slow, tanky, hard hitting unit.
  • Serra: I’d up her base MAG even more. She’s a sleeper unit compared to Priscilla, but on all GBA games, the early Clerics always have attrocious base MAG, so they get benched quickly, especially if they don’t get MAG in the early levels. At 5 base MAG and a C rank in Light on promo, atleast she should have a better launch platform to train as a Aureola user.
  • Erk: Base numbers are fine, but the extra MAG growth is overkill, especially given the buff to Afa’s Drops.
  • Rath: Yeah i don’t get this one. These changes don’t really fix the issue with Rath which is that he’s a better unit if you don’t play Lyn Mode, especially due to his weapon rank discrepancy. A cleaner change would be a +1-2 to all stats and let him start with B rank in bows.
  • Matthew: I’m sounding like a broken record i know, but bear with me. Matthew’s issue is that his bases are way too low, not so much his growths. At 4 STR and SKL unless your growths are close to 100%, it’ll still take way too many levels to snowball him. Cleaner change: +2 STR/SKL.
  • Lucius: Yeah, kinda overkill again. Lucius is one of the best growth magic units in the game and a prime Aureola candidate, he doesn’t need as many buffs, especially since Light tomes also got buffs. At best a minor +1-2 in DEF and a +2 in LCK should be more than enough to iron out some edge cases where he gets tagged by some unfair RNG.
  • Florina: She was left out in Lyn mode, but i’d argue that a +1 to all bases in that mode should give her a needed boost, especially considering the higher difficulty she will face.
  • Kent/Sain: Yeah these two need some tweaks to tell them apart in Lyn Mode. Sain needs more STR from the start and Kent needs more SKL/SPD. Lowell is fine though, that change is actually on point.
  • Wallace: Yeah, just have him show up as a pre-promote with his EHM/HHM stats. Honestly the entire concept of Lyn mode as some extended tutorial was always kinda BS. The entire thing with Wallace and the Knight’s Crest just creates some abusable patterns with the cavs while Wallace is just thrown to the wayside. Atleast like this you get a mini-Gotoh to dick around in the last two chapters.
  • Rebecca: Yeah way too many buffs. She’s supposed to be your guaranteed double, so just focus on a big base SPD buff and a very minor base STR buff.
  • Bartre: So here, Bartre is kinda meant to be the more offensive of the axe users, while Dorcas is more of the meat wall. Oddly Bartre has decent growths for a fighter, so i don’t think that needs any tweaks. a +2 to STR/SKL and a +3 to SPD should be more than enough to give him a launch platform to be trained.
  • Oswin: Trade the SKL growth for a +3 to base SKL/LCK. It should help with early accuracy issues which is pretty much what Oswin may struggle with.
  • Guy: Yeah forget the STR growth or the other buffs, just give him a +3 STR straight up. He’s a myrmidon with HMB’s, he doesn’t need that much more to snowball.
  • Canas: Honestly? He was always arguably one of the best Afa’s Drops users alongside Farina. His problems were always that his bases were too low for his level, not that his growths were bad, they are semi-decent across the board. Like a +2 to his MAG/SKL/RES bases and maybe give his Druid promo a +1 to MAG should be more than enough to tide him over.
  • Dart: Alot of this kinda defeats the point of what a Berserker is. They are meant to be high-risk, high-reward glass cannons. I’d scrap the growth buffs and STR buff and peel back on the LCK one.
  • Fiora: I like this one. I’d add a +1 to her other bases, since she joins quite late to keep her competetive.
  • Legault: Here i don’t know why he’s getting a RES buff? Assassin units are typically meant to be dodge tanks, not actual tanks of any kind. I’d just shift that RES buff into SKL. Other than that he’s good.
  • Isadora: Yeah i can’t complain. It’s alot of buffs, but for a late join pre-promote she’ll actually need them.
  • Hawkeye: Same as Isadora.
  • Heath: I dunno if HMB’s were structured differently in your hack, but i’d argue for an extra +1 to his CON, since Wyverns are meant to be bulkier in general.
  • Geitz: I don’t think Geitz of all units needs buffs…he has monster base stats and high weapon ranks, he’s the literal plug and play character.
  • Farina: Here’s an idea. Just have Farina join as a pre-promote and up her new bases by another +1. That way you create less competition for the Elysian Whip and have a unit ready for combat with less investment required.
  • Pent: Honestly i don’t think he needs any of these outside of the new tomes. Pent is already a decently tanky mage with staff utility, so he already has an inbuilt niche that doesn’t deserve to be lost.
  • Louise: I’d crank her LCK even more…dive into the niche of her being a dodge tank and anti-crit.
  • Karel: So here, i think that Karel’s main issue is his low base STR even for a level 8 Swordmaster, so a simple +3 STR paired with the +2 SPD should be enough to keep him competitive.
  • Harken: I don’t think Harken needs changes, so much that Raven needs a big base LCK buff. ´
  • Karla: Outside of the growth buff and way too high HP, this is good.
  • Vaida: I’d give her a bit more extra SPD.
  • Jaffar: I don’t usually think Jaffar of all units needs buffs, but HP and RES is innocuous enough. If the idea is to give him survivability in Battle Before Dawn, i’d give him a Runesword.
  • Renault: He needs even MAG…just straight up. Just crank it up to 19-19. Like i get that there’s a story reason why Renault has such crap MAG, but it’s a shit reason at its core. He’s a level 16 Bishop that shows up on the second to last map, atleast have his stats match his join time.
  • Athos: Yeah the extra HP makes sense since he can 1 shot by the Dragon.
New Units

Now i won’t go too in-dept on this, since i haven’t had enough time but i will point out this issue with having too many extra units. Redundancy. Having to many of a single type of unit, especially with such limited deploy slots like FE7 has, it will always create a shift where certain units will always be benched. A part of variance and specialization is having a class only have a single available unit, such as the case with Canas and Rath. On the other hand Dart went from the sole Berserker you can have, to one of 4.

  • Fergus: He needs higher bases. For how late he joins, his bases are way too low.
  • Murdock: I’d argue to keep him for longer than a chapter. And maybe give him a extra +1 to his bases.
The Nino Issue

Ok, so you’ve certainly made alot of changes to Nino, but it went way overboard. So here’s the thing…with how high you’ve set her growths + the extra promo gains + her accelerated EXP gains she will likely cap almost every stat at around level 8-9 as a Sage except for HP and DEF. Then she just becomes a EXP sink.

Another issue that rises with these changes is her having Light magic. With how high her growths are, she will push every Bishop in contention for use of the Aureola off a cliff. It’s one thing to have a unit that is the best at a niche, it’s another when they utterly eclipse other contenders.

Another point i’d like to touch on is bases and join time. Like base stats are a critical component for unit viability but in Nino’s case it’s a tad different. Due to how abysmal her base are and how late her join time is, her vanilla growths, while very high are a bit too shakey to compensate. And again, due to how late she joins, the enemy quality is very high, so having high growths won’t help with her immediate issues. On the other hand due to how late she joins, buffing her bases won’t remove her “zero to hero” niche, since she will still be facing much stronger foes who will 1HKO her.

The extra EXP gains is fine, the higher staff rank is a nice QoL, the extra CON is awesome. I’d scrap everything else and just give her a flat +3 to her stats except for DEF. She’ll still need alot of babying but atleast now the RNG won’t be so heavily tipped against her.

Other feedback

One critical issue i’ve had with FE7 is how it handles it’s legendary weapons. Like the vanilla regalia is only a minor upgrade to regular weapons, while the hero weapons got massive nerfs in weight and you only get 4 of the 8, creates a bottleneck since only the hero weapons can really punch through Nergal and the Dragon reliably (especially now since both are likely heavily buffed), i’d argue that outside the Durandal, Armads and Mulagir, decouple the Forblaze from being a prf to a regular S rank, while also bringing in the Apocalypse and the Maltet. Also just set their stats/weight to their FE6 state, it would be a godsend. This way you gain an incentive to train other units into the boss stage.

Another issue is Luna. That thing is a game warping weapon, especially for a C rank, not so much due to it’s true damage, but more due to it’s ability to crit. Such a low rank weapon should not be able to 1-HKO the final boss. I’d argue to remove it’s crit entirely and just give it a small amount of base might.

Lastly it would be to swap the weapon ranks of Silver and Brave weapons. It never made sense why one of the strongest generic weapon types comes with a lower weapon rank, while the two highest weapon ranks come with such little payoff overall compared to the explosive increase that is B rank.


Hello, I appreciate your in depth feedback. I can definitely see where you’re coming from in each of the topics you listed out. Here’s how I feel regarding each of them:

General issues: Yes, I would agree that some of the growth rate changes were minimally cryptic or unnecessary. I don’t like nerfing things either but I thought that Pent was too much of a hard carry and the choice between Harken and Karel was too one sided.

Specific units: As with general issues, I can see how I went a little overboard with growth rate changes rather than base stat changes. Definitely will take this into consideration.

As for the new characters, I will adjust Fargus’s stats; I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. If I were to keep Murdock around for another chapter, I would need to do some plot rewriting and such which is not my best talent (I am bad at creative writing). He also appears in a village in chapter 27 which would complicate matters.

Nino: I realize I may have gone a bit crazy with the growth rates. I only did so to reduce the likelihood of her getting crappy level ups. Because trust me, the last thing a “growth unit” like her needs is to get RNG screwed. Regardless, I realize all of this will never come to fruition unless she can actually fight enemies. I failed to account for the higher enemy quality and the fact that her base stats are still pretty trashy. I will definitely give her a flat buff to all her base stats (besides con which already increased by 1), but not I will not go any higher than a +3 buff.

Regardless, thank you very much for your informative feedback. It helped me realize some critical errors in my design philosophy. I cannot guarantee that all of these changes will be implemented but more than several will be adjusted for sure.

This mindset would make sense…in vanilla. But in a rebalance it you have a few caveats.

In Pent’s case:

  • Higher enemy quantity and quality means that the value of pre-promote base stats goes down, since the scaling curve will accelerate much faster than their lesser growths can keep up.
  • Better enemies also means more EXP. Which paired with the higher bases on most growth units means your army will be more potent across the board when other pre-promotes join.
  • Better staff ranks on promotion means grinding staff rank becomes easier due to easier access to better staves. I’d argue that by the time you Pent joins you, you’re likely to have two A rank staff users under these new rules, if not more if you play around it.

So by these 3 points, Pent is already nerfed by sheer virtue of everything around him being better. If you add a direct nerf on top, you’ll simply compound the issue, which will leave the player wondering: “Why should i bother using a slot on this guy?”.

For Harken, most of the points above also apply, but if you want to tip the scales further towards Karel’s side without nerfing Harken, here’s a thought:

  • Have Karla be recruited by talking to Karel. Boom, two for the price of one.

If you’d like to talk via direct message i can provide some story beats, (since storytelling is one of the few things i’m decent at) to help with that and further discuss other ideas without clogging this page.

Hey KingJ,

You’re the man! Fe7 has been a Top 3 nostalgia game for me since I first played it on the Gameboy back in 2007. I’m really excited to see how your version of FE7 turns out, and I agree with basically every change thats been discussed in this thread. Evidently, it looks like you’ve got your hands full with your own ideas and Adalvar’s feedback, so I won’t shell out any recommendations or opinions. However, if you’re looking for 3rd party feedback or someone to bounce ideas off, feel free to send a message! I’m KO’d for a few months because I’m about to get surgery, so I’ll be around :slight_smile:

Very interested to see how you incorporate new weapons from other FE’s into the weapon triangle. The kid in me wants to see every legendary weapon from every FE somehow thrown into this hack, but I know that would throw off the game balance like crazy, not to mention custom animations and all that. I do have one question: will stat boosters be sold in the secret shops? I might try for a 100% run, and for me that means maxing my units as much as humanly possible so I can mess around with the Link Arena post-game. Appreciate all the hard work!

I’m just a regular dude who has somewhat strong opinions on things. If you have feedback don’t hold back on my account. If anything more ideas on what you saw/played will make for an interesting read.