[FE7] Fire Emblem 7: Reignited, first patch version 1.0 ready for play

Hahaha sounds good bro. Im debating if I should start a playthrough now or wait until he makes more changes. I’ll throw out some comments whenever I decide :call_me_hand:

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@KingJ.Rool Maybe to draw more people to see you hack, you could post screenshots?

Patch version 1.1 is ready for release!

After reading feedback from some users who downloaded my hack, and through more of my own playtesting, I have done some additional changes to hopefully make my hack a better experience. This patch mainly fixes several bugs and also undoes several changes which were so minimal to the point of pointlessness. Additionally, it has been brought to my attention of several glaring gameplay issues that I have attempted to remedy within this patch.

The changes made are listed as follows:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed buggy world map sprites during the starting cutscenes of chapters 17, 18, and 20.
  • Fixed reading Ereshkigal’s description crashing the game.
  • Removed Nergal from appearing twice in the final chapter (originally put during testing, forgot to remove him lol).
  • Fixed Uhai’s battle quote against Eliwood not displaying text properly.
  • Fixed Darin’s battle quotes against the Lords not displaying.
  • Fixed several previously missed translation errors and other typos (namely Eleanora’s name being occasionally misspelled and the text conversations of several villages/houses).

Aesthetic/Non-gameplay changes:

  • Ninian uses dark colored text whenever speaking while in her “possessed” state.
  • The starting world map sequence of the chapter New Resolve has no music. This is not a bug. This is an intended stylistic design choice.
  • The wyvern riders accompanying Vaida in Unfulfilled Heart are now called “Platoon” instead of Black Fang. Their description is also different. This does not affect their stats in any way.
  • Several chapters have had their turn music adjusted.
  • Hector’s updated battle palette now displays correctly on the Mode Select screen.

Gameplay changes:

  • All promoted enemies start slightly weaker on Hard Mode, but scale in power more appropriately. They should be on par during the late game and end game as they were previously.
  • All survival/defend chapters can be ended early by defeating the boss of said chapter.
  • Eliwood base Defense increased by 1.
  • Pent Staff weapon rank restored to A.
  • Harken’s base stats are returned to normal.
  • All of Nino’s base stats are increased by 3 compared to her vanilla stats. Her Con still remains increased by 1.
  • Cana’s base Magic and Defense increased by 2 more.
  • Serra’s base Magic increased further by 2 points.
  • Matthew’s base Strength and Speed increased by 1 and 2 more points respectively.
  • Lyn Mode Rath Bow Rank raised to B.
  • Renault base Magic increased by 2 more points.
    battle before dawn updated
    kinship bond updated
    FE7 Reignited.emulator.emulator-0
    FE7 Reignited.emulator.emulator-1
    FE7 Reignited.emulator.emulator-2

The patch:

Happy playing!


You might wanna edit the base post with the changes and put the screenshots there.

EDIT: And edit the title for more visibility.

Been looking for a reimagined FE7 experience, will give this one a go later today. I’m assuming it is fully playable start to finish?

Hey man, been playing this for the last week or so and am really enjoying it! The QoL changes all around are excellent. Question regarding a recruitment. I’m mid through Dread Isle (HHM) and have yet to encounter the recruitable nomad. No unique dialogue, nor am I seeing any extra red/green units other than Fiora.

I have a question. Seeing all these changes i wonder. Did you made Ephidel also be able to fight as a boss?

Update: She showed up in 19X instead, but wasn’t able to recruit her with Guy. I didn’t try with Lyn. Starting 19XX and she isn’t in my available units.

Hello, I’m very glad you have been pleased with it so far. Yes, unfortunately the Nomad’s recruitment is slightly unfinished in that only Lyn can recruit her, but rest assured that it will be addressed and fixed in the next update patch. I am very sorry that there was no opportunity to recruit her for you. There are still some more new recruitable characters ahead.

I would appreciate if you had any specific feedback regarding aesthetics, unit balance, general difficulty, and other things. Any feedback would be very helpful for analysis.

Much thanks.

Unfortunately, no. I frankly did not want to put in the effort to make a boss out of a character who I never held particularly significant regard towards in the first place.

Sorry for the late reply. Although not everything is completely finished yet, the game should be playable from start to finish on a technical standpoint. Regardless, please feel free to report any glitches or bugs you encounter to me so I can do my best to alleviate them.

Honestly, you’ve been fantastic through and through! I think I’m going to ironman it quite a few times and give you some good feedback.

There hasn’t been anything funky so far however!

Unfortunately as far as aesthetics are concerned, I’m very out of touch on how the game normally looks.

This is such a good love letter to FE7 tho man, and I’ve been desperate for a good FE7 QoL/Rebalance hack. I’ll be happy to play test a lot and get you some good feedback.

Honestly something on my wishlist is for Eliwood to be a lance user… That said, hardly falls into rebalance/QoL, and is plenty subjective hahaha.

Anyway, wonderful job so far and I’ll let you know my experience.

Actually, I did think of something… Is there any way to remove the promotion times for the Lord trio?

Have some flexibility with early promoting? I’m sitting here in chapter 22 with Hector at level 20 and really rethinking my life choices.

I know Project Ember made Roy promote with a knights crest. The main lords promotion is story based, but the other two have more flexibility, yeah?

Is this possible do you think? Untie the main lord’s story event, and give earlier heavens seals?

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Hey yeah, I understand you. It does sound good being able to promote your main lord earlier. I’m sure there is a way to do it somehow, but I’m really not experienced with ASM in the slightest. I can try to find a fix for it, but I will need to contact others for help.

Admittedly, this is a change I should have thought of early on but it did not cross my mind for whatever reason.

Hello everyone. I know it’s been a few months or so since the last update patch I have provided for my hack. I do want to say that I am currently working on update 1.2, which fixes several more bugs and adds more gameplay and non-gameplay changes. However, due to family events, my focus has been unsteady for a while now.

Basically, I’m just letting you guys know that I haven’t completely forgotten about this project and I do plan to update it more. However, the next update should not be expected for at least another month. I genuinely appreciate your patience and the reception to my very first ROM hack landing much stronger than I initially hoped for helps me to keep on going.

Thank you everyone.


Absolutely! Do everything you’ve gotta do, family comes first.

Also I’ve been giving it some thought, and I think some things that would really add on to this being the “definitive edition” would be:

  1. Untethering Hector/Eliwood’s promotions to story events, and giving the player access to an earlier heavens seal. I wonder if placing a stealable/droppable one from a primary boss would be nice? Maybe Darin, so you can promote after a big story point? Having one there, and then the other two showing up as usual would go a long way to helping the lord’s viability.

  2. I’d highly recommend adding in the various quality of life improvements and casual mode option from the FE6/7/8 enhancement patch (linked here: FE6 + FE7 + FE8 Plus [Enhancement Patch])

Enemy range checker, HP bars, shippable animations, those all definitely seem like hallmarks of a definitive edition to me!

Otherwise, you’ve done a bang up job with making each unit feel good to use so far. The only units I don’t feel excited about are Will and Rebecca, but to be fair I haven’t given them a fair try yet.

Bug report:

In chapter 15 Hector Mode Talons Alight, after killing Sealen, after every player action or enemy action, the enemy grunt text “Commander Sealen has fallen… everyone, fall back!” is played.

Thanks for sharing these insights mate as I found it very much useful and informative to be honest.

I have another bug for you. Some of the weapons ranks upon promotion still come up as E rank. Oswin’s axe rank for example is E. I don’t remember exactly who has what, but it’s definitely something to look through.