[FE7/FE8] Thief Vision

Just a random thing I was trying to figure out and then did: The vision bonus that thieves get, like the extra exp they give, is tied to the “Thief Key” ability. So if you want to give a unit/class increased vision in fog and the like, they’re going to get to use lockpicks too.
Hack that makes a table of vision boosts for classes when?


I thought the extra exp was due to having a class bonus of 2, instead of 3 as most classes have. But that’s a cool discovery (even though I believe it’s already known, kudos nonetheless).

I searched high and low for any documentation about thief vision, but to no avail. If there’s a more suitable topic, I’d be fine with being moved there.

And I was told about how thieves give extra exp on death by @Lisandra_brave, so ask her about that. However, from my understanding, the class bonus of 2 means they get more exp from kills, and give less exp on death (but this is out-weighed by the bonus exp that thief key gives).


the pertinent section
ldr r1, [r1, #0x4]
ldr r2, [r0, #0x28]
ldr r0, [r1, #0x28]
orr r2, r0
mov r0, #0x8
and r0, r2
cmp r0, #0x0
beq SKIP
mov r3, #0x14
basically, if a unit has ability 0x8, it’ll give you an extra 20 exp when you kill it. To change this bonus, change the 14 at 029E1C to whatever the bonus you want is (generally zero).


Thanks! I don’t think I ever noticed that thieves give more exp when killed. One wonders why.

In regards to the vision being tied to the lockpick ability, I can’t seem to find it either, despite the fact I’m almost certain I’ve seen it before. Maybe it was on SF.

080175CC mov r1, #0x08 (lockpick ability)
080175D4 add r3, #0x05 (+5 vision)

0175CC : Class/Character Ability 1 flag that grants vision bonus
0175D4 : Vision bonus


For FE8:

$178BA is the ability flag for vision bonus
$178C2 is the vision bonus

Tested and working

Also the EXP bonus is at $2C3EE