[FE7, FE8] Devil Effect Calculation Location

0x802B6A2 (subtracts Luk from 0x1F(which is 31))


Does this mean 31 luck gives a 100% chance to not hit yourself?

Yes. Isn’t that the way it’s always been? (Then again, it mind wind around and come out as a negative above 31, and be thought as as 100%, but idk)

I have no idea I never messed with it before

Is it just chance to hit enemy = luck/31?

[Search for “Backfire rate”][1]

This is nothing new… it’s just that I got a request to change the formula so I thought I might as well document where the calculation takes place.

Yeah, that’s what it’s been, it’s been on SF’s calculations pages for… ever since I first found SF I think.

You expect me to read the part of Serenes Forest that the website was originally intended for?!

Answer to Rhetorical Question: Yes.

080293FC mov r0,#0x1F // Backfire = 31
080293FE sub r0,r0,r1 // Backfire chance = backfire - luck

Backfire will trigger if backfire chance is negative.

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