[FE7] Fallen Kingdom (Demo V. 4.5α)

Hello again, FEU. Today, I bring you another creation of mine, though in development this time.

[details=Backstory]Even before Duo Geno’s development, I had been independently working on my own solo hack, which I drew inspiration from something I had watched. However, I got stuck some way through and focused mostly on Duo Geno; with Duo Geno, I mostly put Fallen Kingdom aside, only making little progress along the way. With Duo Geno complete and @CM9 working as slowly as ever, my focus has re-turned back to Fallen Kingdom. With the fourth revision to the plot and details, I mostly have a decent backbone for the hack for which I can progress the hack through.
As this is a more professional and structured hack, unlike Duo Geno, edits and polishing will be done for previous chapters. This hack also takes a more serious tone (that does not necessarily mean it will not have a more lighthearted tone at various points).[/details]

Note: The universe in which Fallen Kingdom takes place in is entirely separate from Duo Geno’s universe, and the two stories have no relation to each other. Nor are they sequels or prequels to each other.

Plot details(no spoilers):

After saving the entire continent from destruction, Lau and Brandon have risen to the top and become the rulers of two separate kingdoms. However, the Invasion of Horrors broke out, killing many civilians. To re-secure their kingdoms, Lau and Brandon sent their armies to eradicate them from their lands. However, a Chosen One, named Tsumidia(who hails from the third kingdom), was found during the war and amidst the destruction and put in charge by a resistance group, where she led the offensive to eliminate the Horrors summoned by Lau and Brandon. However, Tsumidia’s Horrors, according to Brandon and Lau, were advancing further with each day and their armies becoming reduced to nothing but ashes. As a last resort, the two rulers make a dedicated stand within Lau’s castle halls, but to what avail?

What this features(so far):
A new storyline, characters, a few custom classes, new maps, re-worked weapons(stats).
16 chapters, including two gaidens.

Current Rating:
[Currently not rated]

[details=“Credits so far:”]ASM:
True hit removal patch- MisakaMikoto (The true hit system removal patch)
GBA RNG Randomizer- TR143 (GBA RNG Randomizer)
Anything/Anyone else I forgot will be listed later.

SageMatthis~ Everything else[/details]

The characters, events, and statements depicted and declared by and throughout the hack are not specific references to any persons*, living or dead, nor any events that may have occurred or will occur, nor statements regarding how society should be run or what people or the society is.
*the execption being Brandon and Lau, which are interpretations of @CM9 and @SageMatthis, respectively based on @SageMatthis’s viewpoints.

Current version: Demo 4.5α




Link to the hack and readme[I strongly recommend that you read the readme; it has important details]:

[details=Pictures for proof:]


Current comments

7/12/2018: This is the first official release of Fallen Kingdom.
Development was done solely by @SageMatthis and no one else. The only other person who has seen it is @CM9. My first instinct was to publish an entire hack out of nowhere like Duo Geno, but I changed my mind after its release. I have gone through and done some polishing, but would like the opinion and criticism of others to help improve and make this hack into whatever it can be. Also, if you are wondering why I did this in FE7 instead of FE8, it was because I started this in 2014 in FE7 and have decided to keep it in FE7 for simplicity. The readme has more details as to what needs critiquing and testing.
And for those who absolutely despise Duo Geno Escapo, Fallen Kingdom is vastly different and grades higher than it.

10/13/2018: This is the second official release of Fallen Kingdom.
The update is mostly aesthetic changes for FEE3, and temporary portraits and artwork were inserted to make it less “jarring.” I included an extra gaiden chapter. I intentionally left out two main chapters because I want to release them in another update rather than this one, so the events were dummied out, but various aspects of them still remain. Progress will still be rather slow for a while. I did however, make some other balancing changes to make it more challenging. Any feedback, criticisms, and relatable comments comments are welcome.
I feel that people are simply avoiding my hack because of the reputation/connotations associated with @SageMatthis/@CM9 and Duo Geno. I definitely think I left too many loose ends that went unaddressed in the main post of Duo Geno which people pick me apart for(as well as the addressed issues as well). I would go and explain it, but there will always be people who will declare that my viewpoints and reasonings are invalid/wrong, so I am just going to deal with those as they arise. If my instinct is wrong and there are other reasons people are seemingly ignoring my hack, feel free to correct me. I am just drawing a conclusion based on what I hear and assume.


the sequel to DGE we needed but not the one we deserve


I see that NASA has discovered DGE 2

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Man I hope that at the very least, you learned from Duo Geno on what not to do.

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Ah, my favorite critic.
Yes, as stated in my original post, while I believe Fallen Kingdom was started before Duo Geno, since it was independently developed by me, CM9 has had no influence(other than some specific characters) on its development. Another large difference is that I have gone back and made edits on previous chapters in attempts to self-polish them, but I can only detect so much myself.

As stated before, all critique regarding anything is welcome for the improvement of the hack itself. There are many things that I wish to improve upon with/using this hack.

New update to V 4.1α, specifically for FEE3:

[details=Changes] V 4.1α
-Enabled the second gaiden chapter
-Changed gaiden requirements for the second gaiden
-Rebalanced enemies in various chapters
-Reworked various maps to make them smaller in size and better
-Changed chapter 2 and 4’s second opening_event to be combined with the first
-Inserted temporary portraits and palettes for ally characters
-Inserted Lau and Brandon’s king portraits
-Inserted various new graphics(battle screen)
-Changed some palettes to match faction palettes
-Added new graphics for new weapons
-Replaced lord map sprites with more appropriate ones
-Temporarily disabled support conversations
-Inserted temporary death quotes for allies
-Tweaked Brandon’s growths
-Removed the two goal ASM so that goals will display properly
-Fixed chapter 5’s tilechanges
-Other things I forgot to mention[/details]



Also updated the “Current comments” in the original post.

Still looking for and welcoming and feedback and comments to improve the game in any way!

It seems impossible to patch the ups file on a clean FE 7 and i cant seem to find out why …

Strange, the patch seems to be corrupt. Should be fixed for the upcoming update.
Anyway, now is about the time for me to give an update, so here it is:

New version: 4.5α
Adds five new chapters

Changes to V 4.5α

-Added 5 chapters
-Rewrote some texts to make them flow and sound better
-Changed chapter 1’s opening events again
-Reworked chapter 0x’s ending events
-Changed enemies to have less luck
-Changed some map palettes to be less sharp in brightness
-Changed chapter 4 back to defeat boss and adjusted game over events
-Changed unit positions in chapter 7
-Changed descriptions to be less placeholder-esque
-Tweaked weapon triangle (tell me how it feels)
-Tweaked magic triangle
-Inserted some battle animations
-Added several custom weapons
-Tweaked several pre-existing custom weapons
-Tweaked growths of several characters
-Tweaked enemy stats to make enemies less weak
-Changed soldier animations
-Added fighter/warrior animations
-Added a couple custom-ish backgrounds



Still looking for and welcoming and feedback and comments to improve the game in any way.
Also, for the next update, I plan to focus solely on aesthetics, as I had been planning to do those later, but it seems as if adding them next has moved up in the list of priorities.

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Got it thanks…will give it a try soon…i tried patching it and it gave me the same message as previously

The most recent version is giving an error? What error does it give?

You should use NUPS (Nintenlord’s UPS Patcher) for all FEGBA related patching. Other patchers might cause issues as most people do their testing with NUPS.

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Strange, as I am using NUPS, and it seemed to work fine for me. I also used the save as patch feature on FEBuilder, and that worked fine for me. I will look into it and see what works or what the issue is.

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i ve never had a problem with tsukuyomi before but i ll try it your way with this one

So far i ve played up to chapter 3 and i ve faced some problems…axe n bow cavaliers are using the spear animation and the icon of the slim axe is changing to bow icon also the game freezes in certain cases and the latest is the time where i try killing the boss in the 3rd chapter…also most of the death quotes are from other characters

I have yet to replace and perfect every animation as of yet- a good number of graphics are still placeholders.
I still need to implement the item icon fix, but I have been unable to get the program to install it to work yet.
Strange, I have yet to encounter anything that freezes the game. What exactly do you mean by freeze, and does this occur in consistent occassions or just randomly? Also, do you know what causes the game to freeze?
I am still working on death quotes, I probably will have them in the next update along with portraits, animations, etc.

Regardless, I appreciate the feedback. More is welcome if you have some.

well i tried attavking the boss with brandon and either the game froze at the start without any attack or another time after one attack and after 5 or 6 tries it finally let the fight happen and it froze once before but i dont remember where beside that i like the story and the maps and thats whats more important animation and whatnot can be done anytime so looking forward to final game…keep it up