FE7: Definitive Edition (Cancelled)

Document with preliminary Information:

I am open to suggestions, if anybody wants to.

Might turn this into a project, I don’t know yet.


Funny to see this because i actually have a concept also related to Fire Emblem 7 as well just very recently.


Link should be able to open now.

Interesting ideas overall. I just wonder why you’d give Marcus a promotion. But that’s cool too.

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I gave him a promotion so even though I nerfed his growths (because he pretty much carries it) he could still serve a niche in the end chapters. I never liked the idea of units being outclassed by the endgame.


Playable Jan, Bramimond and dragon Ninian are things that definitely should’ve happened in FE7 (they probably replaced Bramimond with Athos). Also Brendan Reed should’ve definitely be a boss.


So Igor is now a playable unit. That nice. I do have one question? Did you change some part of the story or is the story remain unchange?


Story unchanged except for small dialogue changes reflecting the new characters, also new dialogue for the “new” chapters

I don’t know if you are taking request or suggestions but you think you could maybe make Bool the boss in Chapter 6 Blood of Pride recruitable much like how Devias was recruitable in Project Ember. Have maybe Rath talk to him and Bool could have maybe three or four support conversations with Rath Wallace and maybe one of the new characters. I was gotten Suggest Glass being recruitable at first. But Igor is now playable and he reused Glass portrait so it would be weird. I don’t know i just saying.

aye seems like a nice project I hope this turns out well but I was going to ask that are u going to update new animations?(if so then pls update helmless salvaged paladin I like them a lot its totally up to u)

How about being able to recruit Karel/Harken and Wallace/Geitz on the same playthrough?

I’m considering adding new animations but I am really bad with palettes. If I do, I will take your suggestion into note.

They will all be recruitable in 1 playthrough. Geitz in FFA, Wallace in Angels of Darkness (Lloyd’s old FFA map), Harken in PFOD (Kenneth’s), and Karel in Fang’s Justice (Jerme’s old PFOD map with Brendan Reed as the boss)

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oh thank u and ill try to give feedback(if u need it ofc)

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Update: Bases, growths, and supports for new characters have been added. If you have a suggestion, ask away. Also added a new playable character. You might know her from the Binding Blade….

I get a suggestion. How about Bool because recruitable. In chapter 6 have Rath talk to Bool to make him playable. Bool will come back in Kinship’s Bond alongside Rath and became recruitable there to.

Description. A former retainer/assassin who now seek redemption.

Starting Class Knight. Level 5

Based stats in Lyn Mode.
25HP 10Str 5Skl 2Spd 0Lck 12Def 5 Res 12Con
Affinity Fire
Weapon Ranks
Lance D
Starting Items Steel Lance

Normal Based Stats.
Starting Class Knight Level 13
31HP 15Str 6Skl 5Spd 5Lck 20Def 5Res 14Con
Weapon Ranks
Lance C
Starting Items Steel Lance Spear.

Growth Rates.
50%HP 60%Str 30%Skl 45%Spd 25%Lck 70%Def 55%Res

Promotion Gains.
Item Required Knight Crest or Earth Seal
Promotion Class General
Level 1 5+Hp 1+Str 2+Skl 1+Spd 3+Lck 2+Def 3+Res
Axe rank C


So what do you think about this?

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I liked your idea, but I decided against it due to the description not making sense when he is still an enemy, because armor knights still only use lances (I’m not changing any weapons, trying to be faithful to the original), and because Farina already has 7 supports which is the maximum in FEGBA (not planning on removing any old supports). I appreciate the suggestion though.

However, I did make a different boss recruitable (and technically Baudouin/Bauker was already recruitable), check the OP for details.


Wait Eubans is now recruitable. So have many more characters your going to add? And are there any more bosses your going to make them playable?


So far, it’s just Eubans. I think I’ve reached a good place to stop adding new characters. Maybe, just maybe I will add the tactician as a playable character. I will think about it.

I have a another suggestion. Do you think you can add more boss to Chapter 33 Light? Those bosses being Aion Teodor and Pascal all as Morphs. There are Morphs portraits for these three and i do have them in case you do want to use them. And can you also do the same for some of the playable characters as well maybe? Again the playable characters i like to see being Nino Jaffar Legault Eubans and Igor. All also do have Morphs portraits as well expect for Igor at least not yet. These five will only appear if any of them die before reaching the Chapter. That my other suggestion right there.