[FE7][Completed] Tactician Request

I was hoping someone could hack an ASM feature where the tactician’s affinity gives a boost to all units of the same affinity. I’m thinking [+10 hitrate][1], [+5 avoid][2] would be great.


Edit: Alternatively, a [10% boost to all stat growths for same-affinity units][3] would be equally good.
[Modified Afa’s Drops Nightmare Module to go with the stat growths][4]

(Post edit by Jesus Gandalf to add the completed request)
[1]:[FE7][Completed] Tactician Request
[2]:[FE7][Completed] Tactician Request
[3]:[FE7][Completed] Tactician Request

Doesn’t it already have a similar effect with the stars? I could do this. Gimme 15 minutes.

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SF isn’t very specific. I want to give it a bigger use and more strategic importance for FE7CM’s final update though. Could you do both? +10 hitrate, +5 AVO, and a 10% boost to all stats for same affinity characters?

The 10% boost is more work than the rest. If you could go without it (at least for now), that’d be ideal.

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Alright :smile:

I’ll take what I can get. Maybe in the future though plz bb

I think my favorite part about doing modular battle is that I have routines I have to edit easily to do other cool stuff.

This makes units that have the same affinity get +10 hit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u2x1iwrxbrzeb9u/Modular_Hit%20-%20Edits%20for%20Klok.dmp?dl=0

Even easier, but using the vanilla routine and not a modified version of my Modular Battle Hit routine,
XX 20 00 00 00 00 00 00
Where XX is the bonus you want,
at 28C18

Paste it at 28BA0
Backup before pasting; I don’t trust myself to not write code that does weird stuff.

I still have no idea what to do with dmp files. Is there a specific program to use?

Open it in a hex editor, and copy-overwrite the contents into the location I told yo

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To apply the avoid bonus, at 28CB8 write
XX 20 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
Where XX is the bonus you want to add. Normally, it’s the number of tactician stars, which ranges from 0 to 0xA (that’s 10)

While I’m on a roll, let me take a look at the level up function, shall I?

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Go for it! Is that for the growths bit?

Yes, hopefully.

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Was this in little endian? I think my rom done fucked up.

Edit: The dmp file fucked my rom too. I have a backup. It allows me to play normally, but once I press R on a unit, it completely freezes, black screen, etc.

By the way, have a look at the Afa’s Drops code. That might help you out. There’s a nightmare editor for it to help you find the needed stuff.

Cool that actually helps a lot thanks

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Do you want a flat 10% boost to all stats, or a proportional increase? (e.g. 50%-> 55% or 50%->60%?)

I want a 10% boost to all stat growths as a flat rate. So if you have a 20% STR growth, it’s 30% now. If you have a 70% HP growth, it’s 80% now, etc.

This’ll take a bit because I’m rewriting the Level up routine in a way to make further modding easier.

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Alrite, will do then. Thanks a brazillion.

Do you want these bonuses to apply in lyn’s mode? Base on default calcs, they don’t apply in lyn’s mode.

I had to change a typo in the dump. Please redownload and paste it.