FE7 Color Overhaul (WIP)

Apply to a clean FE7U ROM.

screenshot_battle_11 FE7_palette_202011202004

Do you like FE7 but don’t like being blinded by neon grass because you’re not playing on an unlit original GBA? Then this hack is for you! It recolors tilesets, portraits, battle animations, platforms and more. It does not have any gameplay changes, but it’s probably compatible with other QoL improvement patches because I tried to avoid moving data around as much as possible. I haven’t tried it though, so I could be wrong.

This is my first attempt at hacking Fire Emblem, because before doing something more in-depth, I wanted to make it nicer to look at.

The download includes a readme with a full list of things that are changed and not changed. There is still work to be done, mostly stuff I don’t know how to hack yet. Unfortunately, my ADD makes it difficult to continue working on this at the moment, so I’ve decided to release it as-is until my drive comes back instead of letting it languish on my hard drive.

If you’ve got any feedback on my color choices, bug reports or tips on how to do some of the stuff I don’t know how to yet, please let me know. I’ve used FEBuilder exclusively to do all of this.