[FE7] Changing default options

A while back,MarkyJoe1990 wrote a routine that changes the default options from a new file; while it works, it’s sort of clunky and awkward as it requires the routine to be pasted somewhere and called separately through events. I found the bit of code that sets the default option value. Open up your hex editor and at 0x2DFCA you should see 02 40, change these values to XX 22 to set a new default value for the options where XX is the value you want to be stored. Here are some notes on how to pick the value you want.

UNITCOLOR: 0x1 (Yes this exists in FE7!!)
OR each value for each selection to the right(the leftmost option is 0 by default)
eg:TEXT SPEED Slow → Normal: OR 0x20 Normal → Fast: OR 0x40 remember to take the first OR into account
Fast = OR 0x40 because the leftmost option(Slow)=0 and you OR 0x20 for each selection to the righ

Note-the default value for 0x202BC38 is 0x20(see if you can figure out what that means and why that’s significant)

my default is 0xD0; that makes GAME SPEED = Fast(OR 0x80),TEXT SPEED = Fast(OR 0x40), and AUTOCURSOR = OFF(OR 0x10)
you can use this if you don’t feel like doing math

Quick aside on UNITCOLOR: this option turns individual palettes ON and OFF, if you OR 0x1, you will turn the option off meaning that all player characters will have generic palettes(only player characters are affected). Because this option can’t be reached by the player normally, if you decide to turn the option off the player will be stuck with no palettes unless the memory is edited. There’s a hack to include this option in the menu here.

If that explanation went over your head, you can use 0xD0 or ask here or in the hacking questions section. This directly edits the code that assigns the default value so there’s no need to add and call external code and is much cleaner, easier to work with and space efficient.


Has anyone ever looked into how to activate super fast unit movement while holding down the A button? I know that in FE6 and FE7 this is activated after beating the game once, and in FE8 I seem to recall that this functionality doesn’t exist at all.

It’s probably something as simple as changing a single byte.

It probably is but to answer your questio; no, no one has looked into it

Changing unit movement speed:

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FE8 offset is 0x30DA6, not sure if 0x1 does anything but it’s not UNITCOLOR.

EA code for FE7 if anyone was after that:

//Set Default Options
  ORG $2dfac  //animations type 2
  SHORT $3306
  ORG $2dfca  //Game/text speed Fast, Autocursor off
  SHORT $22d0