FE7 but all the Promotion Items are Master Seals

So one day I thought of FE11 Master Seals while I was playing an FE7 Draft and I thought “What if every promotion item could promote anyone?” So I decided so make a patch similar to it, with some small changes. Check it out sometime!

Download (UPS Patch): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oOTFkumZEYkCHP0y2DCrRkSyAtfsUY9e/view?usp=sharing


  • Earth Seals has been renamed to Master Seals

  • All promotion items are Master Seals, meaning you can promote any unit who hasn’t promoted

  • Thieves and Pirates can now use Master Seals

  • Lord classes can now use Master Seals

  • The forced promotion for Hector/Eliwood has been removed. This is to avoid a glitch where they can unpromote if they was promoted before the end of Cog of Destiny. May take a while to load but trust me, it is NOT softlocked. You’re gonna have to feed your lords a Master Seal if you want them to promote

  • S rank limit has been removed. This is primarily to ensure that you’re not stuck with S-rank staves with Serra/Priscilla upon promotion, or an undesired S rank (Ex: You wanted Lowen with S-rank Axes, but the promotion may have given you S-rank Swords/Lances, making you unable to obtain it)

  • Assasins can now steal items

  • Wallace now starts with a Master Seal in Chapter 9, as opposed to his usual Knight’s Crest. Be careful however, Wallace being unpromoted can make chapter 23E/24H notably harder, as he’ll have a much tougher time dealing with the enemies

  • Hard Mode Bonuses are now applied to Lyn Hard Mode and Eliwood Hard mode

  • The requirement for 19xx is for Nils to be level 2, as opposed to level 7. You’re hitting this threshold, it’s only 10 turns now.

  • Hopefully I didn’t miss any bugs, so everything should be fine.


The name of the hack should be FE7 Deluxe Edition. Because that’s basically everything we needed to make FE7 perfect. And no, I’m not biased. :sunglasses: