FE7 Boss Recruitment (v1.8 as of 11/10/21)

Lyn Mode bosses are not recruitable. While there aren’t any new supports, there are many other new interactions and events added for the bosses.

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Hi there ! I’ve recently tried this hack and recruiting the bosses i see, thanks to ahem save states. However, i can’t seem to trigger their unique convos. Have they been removed, or am i doing something wrong ? In the later, may i have some advices on how to do it ? Thanks !


They don’t have recruit convos, most custom text cones in the form of endings or boss conversations


Noted, thanks !


1.4 patch released to fix Groznyi’s promotion (he now uses Ocean Seal.)

Also, Jaffar’s spawn in 28x on hard mode is fixed. He still joined in old versions, he just didn’t show up in 28x before. That’s fixed now.

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So Groznyi can be promoted by not just a Hero’s Crest, but with an Ocean’s Seal? I can take that.


no, just the ocean seal, he couldn’t promote before


Not the answer I was looking for, but at least I acknowledge it. I suppose that I can start off with either Eliwood or Hector hard mode.
I don’t know, haven’t got started on it yet.


Oh… I was thinking about FE6 promotion by using the Hero’s Crest for the Brigand and Pirate.


FE7 Boss Recruit 1.5 is out!

  • Fixed Eleanora and Isadora typos (being referred to as Eleanor/Isabella in some scenes)
  • Lloyd/Linus vs Morph!Brendan convo flag fixed.
  • Kenneth’s presence as a morph in the final map can no longer be affected by visiting the Inn in Port of Badon.

Oh yeah, reminder. If you already recruited Kenneth before this update, he will appear as a morph in Light despite being in your party. This was inevitable thanks to the nature of the bug.

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Bro! this is such a good idea!

PLEAAAAASE tell me Eagler is recruitable!?


He’s just the coolest one time boss in the game! (in my opinion)


Ok, i’ll calm down, pretty please? :pleading_face:


Unfortunately, Lyn mode bosses aren’t included. But there’s a hack called “FE7 Boss Swap” which has playable Eagler.

Aw man, but, that’s ok, i understand, i’m sure you and your friend’s put alot of time and effort into this! so how can i get angry? i’ll make sure to check it out for myself!

besides, all is well, when BAUKER ring’s dat bell! that really did not make sense!
To clairify, Bauker would be my second. :grin:


Okay this look really cool and all but I got several questions.
1 how come Jasmine and Paul are not recruitable Nergal Brandon and all of the bosses from Lyn mode I understand but why not them?
2 how come Eliwood can only recruit Lloyd and Hector can only recruit Linus and not the other way around?
3 so Eliwood and Hector can recruit most of the bosses but can other playable character recruit them like can Lyn recruit Uhai or Nino and Jaffar can they recruit Maxime or Ursula or can Heath recruit Eubans if all that is true do they all have recruitment dialogue?
4 how are Georg and Kaim recruitable are they supposed to be spirits?
5 how do some of these boss recruitment even work like Sonia or Limstella or even minor bosses Like Kenneth Pascal or Jerme Kenneth is a dark Priest who believes that the gods are all dead and Pascal and Jerme are serial killers if these guys also have recruitment dialogue I would love to see that?
6 can bosses recruit playable characters can Sealen recruit Heath or can other Black Fang members recruit Legault Nino and Jaffar?
7 can bosses recruit other bosses can Erik recruit Darin can Wire recruit other Black Fang members also do all of these also have recruitment dialogue?
8 I see that bosses do have boss Conversation with other bosses like Wire vs Zagan and Puzon vs Oleg how many more are there?
9 and finally I also see that bosses have dialogue depend on which level they are deployed like Aion in Chapter 23x and Zoldam in Chapter 19x again how many more are there and how do they work?
While i would love to play this hack myself but i am not very good with emulators so i would appreciate it if anyone would upload footage of gameplay or a play through of this rom hack.

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I’m wondering about those questions too when I first took a look at it. I hope there will be a time and place for it when the creator will make an update in the near future with the Bosses that have recruitment dialogue. Wonder how they implement it as time goes by.

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as someone who is helping out make this, i’ll try to answer a few of these

  1. fuck jasmine and paul. nergal is too major, brandon is never fought outside of light.
  2. i guess so theres less to write. there is a lot.
  3. yeah, heath can recruit eubans for example
  4. morphs are playable, why not spirits?
  5. anakin tlp
  6. sealen can recruit heath, yes. from what i know, wire only recruits damian (either that or has a boss conversation with him, i don’t really remember)
  7. yeah, bosses can recruit other bosses. sealen can also recruit eubans, for example
  8. a decent amount

In the current version, no.

However that may be remedied soon :eyes:


1.6 IS OUT!

FE7 Boss 1.6 includes a huge new addition. All Lyn Mode bosses bar Lundgren are now recruitable, and they’re split between two groups (C1-5, C6-9.) This required a ton of re-eventing, but it’s functional. All Lyn mode bosses are extremely growth-oriented to match their poor bases. Both chosen bosses rejoin in Noble Lady of Caelin, one as an enemy and one as a player. Talk to the enemy with Lyn to re-recruit them.

Known Issues:

  • Carjiga does not have a Berserker palette.
  • Several Lyn Mode Bosses do not have endings yet.
  • Bosses keep their Lyn Mode inventory between modes. I recommend emptying their inventories in Chapter 10, as they’ll get new items come Chapter 15.

As you can see, not all text is complete. However, I wanted to release this now rather than later. The new patch and growths are found via the original links.

Other changes:

  • Eliwood’s unused second death quote is fully implemented, and will replace his first death quote after Dragon’s Gate is cleared.
  • Darin has received extreme growth buffs.
  • Batta no longer has a Swordslayer, reverting Lyn Mode back to its original state.

EDIT: screenshots




That’s a good update right there. The Rise of Batta the Beast is in the House!