[FE7] A Fire Emblem VS Mode

Hello people! This is my first forum post so hopefully this isn’t too short.
Okay, I made a small hack called Fire Emblem: BTA. No there isn’t a name just BTA. xD
So this is a very small hack in its, pretty much, beta state. It is a three player hack where one person can control one team and someone else fights the other. EDIT: Basically the player can control blue, red, and green, unlike normal FE. I mostly go over it here on this youtube video but please, spare yourself from bad quality. [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rD_TUJymznQ ]

The player with the game can control all teams, and all teams have different types of units and gimmicks. Such as red team made up of FE7 bosses and are pretty decent all around. But, other teams have magical units that can kind of counter their strong defence.

And green hacking generic units apart from a “boss” unit.

Also just as a touch I changed the palettes to be a bit darker.

Saddly, the game isn’t that much balanced and will fix that soon.
Also please give me feedback on anything to change or you liked. Discord: Magix#1484
Have Fun!

Hack Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12msLJKBRef_wbDggm7DKwaRLttTq9mVs