[FE7/8] Hold L to enable/disable battle animations

Made a simple little patch that adds this feature from the 3DS games. No free space needed.

UPS patch (FE8)

UPS patch (FE7)


With battle animations on, pressing A here shows the animation as expected.

Holding L and pressing A will show the map animation instead.

and vice versa if battle animations are turned off.


Neat, is there an FE7 version yet?


Beautiful work, circles!

Almost ready, I just need to find 0x24 bytes of free space within bl range.

EDIT: okay, hopefully this works - wrote it to $d0d30 which is a bunch of 00’s right after a background palette so it should be safe

oh look there’s my code being loaded as a palette

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This will be so very useful for EN’s enemy phases.

Dat million dollah ballah will make you hollah!

Wait… this is a feature on the 3ds games? I’m gonna start using this now.

This is nifty. It makes me think of Super Robot Taisen and how it gives you all kinds of pre-battle options, some of which you can toggle through simply by pressing L or R…

If I can add a suggestion to “extend” this functionality, would it be possible to incorporate the ability to do something similar to what Shadow Dragon and upwards do and press a button to quickswap between eligible weapons and recalculate the window of stats on the fly? I’d suggest each press of R, but since R is the information button, that would cause conflicts…

What about the select button?

Wouldn’t that be saved for the enemy range patch?

Enemy ranges only show up if you press select at the map, not when you’re preparing to attack. Just like the L button is normally used to scroll through units but is free to be used here.

It’s an interesting idea, though not that useful because you have to choose your weapon before you get to the attack screen anyway.

tbh i’d argue it has utility not just in spite of that, but because of that. if you select the wrong weapon by accident, being able to quickly press l/r to correct this is arguably a faster option than having to back out and reselect the correct weapon. in the same way it also allows a quicker way of comparing the effects of each weapon, which while certainly not impossible otherwise could stand to benefit from the feature

idk, with this sort of thing i figure that redundant options in an interface are usually advantageous, since everyone has a different style of navigating them

That’s not necessarily true though - you can only see what your Attack, Hit before Evasion, Crit, and Avoid are when checking each one before selecting the weapon. You can’t see if you’re going to double attack, how much you’ll do after factoring in effective damage, etc. (you can manually calculate both, but if the system does it for you…).

I mean, just see how Shadow Dragon uses it: https://youtu.be/HpvoQ0_DHD8 (skip to 11:27 for the actual SD tutorial image that shows the mechanic)

You could outright get rid of the weapon select screen and go straight to the combat stats like FE12 did.

However, it probably won’t feel as natural on GBA because there are fewer buttons to map functions to. Select button changing the unit to their next equip-able weapon seems like the best bet, but you’d probably want to keep the weapon select screen in that case. It’d be a nice bit of GUI flexibility, at least.

Start/Select for next/previous? I’d want it to show the weapon name somehow though

Just for a little bit of polish, would it be at all possible for you to call the help text down the bottom and place text there saying “Press L+A to disable battle animation” or something?