[FE7/8] Animation Assembler: Convert FEditor format for insertion with EA

Get Animation Assembler (.exe)

How to use:

Take your FEditor formatted animation and drop it onto AA.exe:

When it’s done it will create a “[name] Installer.event” file. It’s a big file but the only thing you care about is at the top:


Pretty self explanatory, change the 0x0 to the index of whatever animation you’re replacing.

Then open up “Master Animation Installer.txt” and add the generated installer to the bottom.

Include “Master Animation Installer.txt” in your ROM Buildfile (or just put ORG [somewhere in free space] at the top) and the animation will be inserted the next time you assemble with EA!


S-so, we can finally have a way of inserting an animation that doesn’t explode the rom?

for you


FE7 crashes when an enemy with an inserted animation enters battle or a unit with an inserted animation gets healed. Being loaded on the left side seems to be the problem. Animations work fine when they’re on the right side.

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Yikes, gotta fix that then. Thanks for the heads up.

EDIT: Fixed the problem. The main link is fixed but if you don’t want to redownload everything here’s the file you need to replace:

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UPDATE: Animations made with older versions of FEditor may or may not be compatible with Animation Assembler. If you get an error, try inserting the animation with an updated FEditor and re-ripping it.

UPDATE: You no longer need AnimCompressPatch.dmp for the animations to work. This also means you can view and rip them in FEditor if you want.

Heya, is the source for this available? I’m asking because I was wondering if it’d be possible to make the Installer files put everything in their own scope. Labels tend to overlap between different installers.

Amazing tool btw, thanks a lot for making this!

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source here Dropbox - AnimationAssembler - Simplify your life