FE6: "Leadership Stars"

I would like to introduce something akin to Leif’s leadership stars to Roy in FE6. My first thought was to see if I could do something crazy, like have Roy start with C support with every unit in the game and bump that up through the story, but it seems that 10 is the hard limit on # of supported units.

My next thoughts were 1) can I create an item that provides support bonuses within 3 tiles, and 2) can I create something similar to FE7’s tactician bonus, giving +hit/avo to all player units?

I’m very new to hacking, and I’m hoping for some direction on this topic. I’m happy to put in some work and mess around with the game’s hexbits. Thanks in advance for your time!


You can do actual leadership stars (or anything else you have in mind) if you put in the effort, check teq’s guide to asm and join the discord for help if you want to.

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Thanks! I will take a look.