[FE6] Fire Embad

Tired of using good units? Ever wish a game where all units were bad units? No? This is ankward.

In Fire Embad, you can now experience fe6, except every character has been replaced by someone from a different FE game. Someone that’s bad on it’s own game. They will be just as they were in the game they came from. Mostly. Some liberties have been taken for the sake of gameplay, and because i’m afraid if i touch fe6 too much it will explode. The change in context might help some of this units! Others might still be bad. But in any case, I hope they are at least entertaining. Major NPCs and bosses have been changed too, although this is mostly just aesthetic. Units also got new descriptions. Oh, and every FE game has some kind of representation in the hack. Every. FE. Game.

Overall, this hack has 3 goals:

  • Spicing up fe6
  • Giving some love to units that need it
  • Trying to be funny

Link to patch. Use a jp fe6 rom
And here a link with unit bases and growths, credits for portraits, and other changes


your link says it needs access permission to open.

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Does it work now?

bad units only

lyn, mareeta, sonya, marth



Yubello being considered bad assures me that I have no idea what makes a unit bad.

idk about mareeta bc ive never used her, but assuming that this is meant to be fe11 marth, yes those are all bad units

Marth has been stellar in every game he’s appeared in, he’s op


Plot twist: the Fire Emblem is in Marth’s possession instead of Guinevere’s

Jagen isn’t bad though? At least not in his home games, though he might be here since stat scaling is different.

Granted, your options for a truly bad replacement for Marcus are probably pretty limited if you’re insistent on going Jagen for Jagen.

Also yeah, Marth is pretty much always at least solid at a minimum. Even in the DS titles, what he loses due to a more demanding follow-up threshold and using swords in very lance-heavy games, he makes up for with access to forgeable Rapiers.

uh… Benny? Y’know I wouldn’t consider benny bad but whatevs ‘‘armor knight bad’’ mindset I guess

but Jagen, Odin, Donnel? Nuh uh, not even sure how to defend calling Odin or Jagen bad, Donnel tears awakening in half faster than anyone other than Chrobin if you train him for one chapter I guess…

Odin gives off a bad first impression but then you see he gets vantage access, with nosferatu, heartseeker, and other avoid lowering skills.

Jagen… FE1, FE3, and FE11 Jagens are all amazing, what are you using his prologue new mystery appearance?

other than personal problems with some of the choices this hack looks good for being a reskin, may boot it up when I’m in an FE6 mood, I’ll let you know on my experiences with it when I do give it a look.

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What! How is Gazak a bad unit? Have you ever play as Gazak in Conquest he is a beast of a unit. How is he bad you tell me? I mean look at this dude does this scream bad to you.

I’m absolutely gonna try this later. I’ll try to remember to come back with deets and/or opinions.

The kind unit arguing/defending in this thread is the heart and soul of the FE community, and I’m happy to see it.

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play rev

Bantu here hurts me. They fucking butchered him in the DS games.
And people, these aren’t necessarily the worst units of all time. Just lackluster units in their own game while making sure to include every game with a decent amount of chars. Would you really want it if the game was just Radiant Dawn cats and armor knights?


I don’t want to get stuck into “is this unit actually bad enough” arguments for eternity, so i won’t defend units when they are questioned… After this. I’ve shown the list to a few people and while some spots were controversial i generally saw a consensus on bad. I already went through a few iterations for this. And tbh if a unit isn’t actually that bad, i don’t really mind.
I know some people will disagree with some low bases, high growths kind of units, but those are fun to have in a game, so I’m happy to have them. Keep also in mind some characters have multiple iterations. Marth is good in all his games except SD where he is very much not, for example. Or Jagen, who is his fe3 iteration, where you have unpromoted units almost matching his stats, including weapon level (so they steal his silver lance), and his stats gets nuked indoors.
About Gazzak, it’s not that Gazzak. I’ve done some silly things.


Fair! And FE1/3 Jagen does admittedly have a much smaller gap between how good he is and how good other Cavaliers are at base than most Jagens do; he’s overtaken very quickly.

This really is a fun idea for a hack, honestly! Giving some of Fire Emblem’s weakest a chance to shine as the exclusive stars of the show is neat!

This is very specifically about Yubello from FE12, who has the honor of being one of two units (the other being Yumina lol) of having negative base stats.

100% looks like a bad backup character, looks like a SD gaiden character

Okay, I’ve only played FE3 where Yubello is pretty much the only magic user with a decent chance to gain Strength (Magic) without Star Shards. He carried a good portion of the run, and I didn’t see why he would be considered worse than any other mage other than that he doesn’t have a PRF, which he doesn’t really need because he has stats behind his attacks.

Yubello has terrible base stats and all the other mages have better bases and similar rates, meaning on average he’ll be less effective as a unit than they are. Plus, he doesn’t have Prfs like you said, so there’s nothing he can do that the other mages can’t, and with far less effort put into them as well.