FE6 battle stats with animations off

EDIT: Added UPS patch here! Give it a shot if you’d like.

Hi all,

After like half a year of struggling through the deep, dark forests of ASM hacking, I’ve finally transferred Tequila’s “show battle animations with animations off” to work with FE6J. So far I only have the event assembler code, I haven’t figured out how to patch yet. Just to be clear, almost everything was already done by @Tequila, I only had to figure out where to link their code with FE6.

Download here!
Patch to FE6J.


Let me know if anything fails! I’ll try my best to fix it. I’ve only had time to play through the first few chapters unfortunately, so I’m not sure if I might have majorly messed up some of the later chapters.

Of course it’s free to use, as most of the work is Tequila’s. If Tequila doesn’t want me editing their code, I’ll happily remove this post!

Some assembly details: the code uses the free space that starts at 0x8818000. It uses the space 0x8818000 to 0x881877A it seems, so from what I understand you can probably edit what free space to use in order to merge well with other hacks.


I’ve added the patch.