Add patch to febuilder?

Hey all!

I was wondering if there was a process to request patches for febuilder. I thought that my FE6 version of showing battle stats with animations off (based off Tequila’s work) would be a good fit, seeing that FE7U and FE8U both very nice versions. I hope I’m not coming off as too self-promoting, I just thought it would be a useful tool seeing as it seems like there’s a little more FE6 hacking these days.

Anyway, totally understand if this isn’t wanted/popular (or if the code is too bad to read haha).


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This isn’t unpopular at all. It’s great to see someone eager to share what they made with others!

There’s no real set process really. We just make stuff then ask 7743 in the FEBuilder thread or channel on the FEU discord if it wouldn’t be too much trouble to add the patch. If it’s simple and unobtrusive, it’s quite likely 7743 will make it a patch.

Keep in mind though he might ask for a change or two depending on conflicts with other patches and the like.

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huh cool to know the process, though maybe a dedicated thread on here for patches request would be cool? guess we’ll have to wait for 7743’s resp for something like that

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For now, there are three possible methods

  1. implement the patch and send a pull request via github Then contact me.
  2. implement the patch and contact me via discord or FEU
  3. create a code instead of a patch and contact me via discord or FEU

I will test this code and if it looks OK, I will add it.


Thanks y’all for the answers! @7743 please let me know if there are any problems :slight_smile: