[FE5] [Complete] Fire Emblem: New Theory of Thracia 776

Im doing that but when I patch it with Lunar Ips it doesnt work

Edit: Finally did it, sorry about that, SNES patching is something I am unfamiliar with

A question about classes. Is it possible to make flier mages in to the romhack? If it was would you ever consider adding them?

I can’t. I think it is possible in FE5 as well, since it was implemented in the FE4 romhack of the same architecture, but I have not disassembled the animation process yet.

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This is a message from one of my friends.

‘Hello author, I am a Chinese player and I hope to update the Chinese version of this ROM. I have also consulted with people in China who translated FE5, but these technologies are no longer available. So I hope to seek your help, and we may be able to reach a cooperation’

I’m not sure what you are trying to do, so I’m at a loss to answer. If you want the Chinese version of my hack, I have no plans to make it right now. Or if you want to update the Chinese translation of vanilla FE5, I think you might contact the team at Lil’Manster.

This is his response.

"Uh, I want to translate this hack, but I don’t know how
to make it, and no one around me knows this technology… so I can only try to seek your help, and I can only provide textual assistance. If you have no intention of making a Chinese version, then I can only give up this idea. Thank you for your reply. (Using translation software) "

I think he just want to translate your hack into Chinese, but he doesn’t know what software to use. For GBA roms, we have FEBuilder. For SMC roms, he doesn’t know what to use and how to use.

The tools used are as I have answered in the past.

However, although fe5_event can be used to decompose events and dialogues, it is very difficult to apply it to hacks created by others (often with events and dialogues that have been moved) because their storage addresses must be specified precisely in the configuration file. As described in the fe5_event instructions, please try modifying the vanilla FE5 first. I believe they will become proficient in this process (as I did).

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This is his response.

"Oh, this may be a little bit complicated for me and I have to give up the idea for now. But I really love your hack and thanks for your reply "

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Thanks for your love. I am sorry to hear you give up.

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the level cap of the promoted units is 30?

The maximum level of all units, including those promoted, is 30. The first time a unit is promoted, their level is lowered by 10.


you probably have to fix this

Thanks for letting me know. I will fix it in the next update.


When I get the member card?

Where to get a member card

You can get a member card at the house in Chapter 23.

Also, Anna, who joins in Chapter 17B, can enter secret shops without a member card.

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another visual bug in the shop in chapter 21, this happens with all of the items in the shop

now it’s normal, idk what just happened lol

Thanks for your report. The item description of Balmung was overflowing. I will fix this in the next update.

Perhaps the unit who has Balmung tried to sell possessions. Once overflowed, the frame is not redrawn until re-entered the shop, so it also appears broken when referring to other items.


not in G2R2, and even not here Linoan can use Naga :sob:

How’d you get that stat screen? I really like it!