FE4GBA: Genealogy in FE7

Hello everyone! I am new here, so I apologize if I am not doing this right.

I have started working on a rom hack that will recreate the entirety of Genealogy of the Holy War in FE7. Given the base game, there will of course be several differences: each chapter will be divided into multiple different parts, mostly to keep the player interested instead of taking several hours to grind through a single chapter. In addition, the marriage mechanic will be removed, and replaced with supports. Gen 2 units will have predetermined parents. Since self-healing is a thing now, chapels across Jugdral are replaced by forts, and the occasional arena and shops will be added.

This is quite an ambitious project, quite obviously. If anyone would like to help out with this project, please let me know what you would like to do. Currently, the people working on this are:

Project Manager: Helious
Programming: Helious
Story Design: Helious
Map Design: Helious
Spriting: Helious
Music: Helious
(This list will be updated if others wish to help)

V0.1.0 - Prologue skeleton


The prologue map


Please leave any feedback in the comments.


Can you even insert such a big map into the ROM? I don’t think so.

As someone who worked with arch on the original
Good luck lol

Good luck with this, you’re quickly going to run into too many issues while rom hacking. Axel is working on a similar project in Lex Talionis and is able to bypass those issues. It might be worth talking with him.


I noticed this as a potential issue, too, which is another reason why I am splitting up the chapters into segments. My one concern though is the first part of chapter 4, where I would pretty much have to put the entirety of Silesse on the same map. However, I might be able to retile the map at an angle to make it more side to side rather than diagonal, greatly reducing the needed number of tiles.

And thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely check that out. However, due to accessibility, I would prefer to keep it in a standard rom patch for playability on hardware other than PCs (I use my 3ds for that stuff a lot). Sorry for the double post, I don’t think I can reply to multiple comments in the same post.

Maybe you could split the game into 3 different rom files, just like in deity device. It has many big maps and long chapters, so Generalogy is actually possible theoretically as long as you split them properly.

I don’t think you understand the actual limits of GBA.


The map inserts into the ROM fine as evidenced by the provided patch. The only reason it crashes is because Helious didn’t change the events yet. It’s just a rough proof of concept patch now, but it can progress to completion if it’s planned out well. Best of luck to ya.

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Hello, I’m also making FE4, which runs on the PC platform. Hope to communicate more in the future.

To be fair, I’m pretty sure he did all of that work before FEBuilder became a thing, let alone before FE8 became the main hacking engine and before we had tons of easily-added patches for subsystems.

It… might be more doable in 2021? Maybe?

(I think FEXNA/LT would be a better engine for FE4 overall tho)

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Probably, idk
I wasn’t being sarcastic though, I really was wishing good luck