[FE4] [Complete] Generation Swap

v1.0.1 Download Here (Contains .bps/.ips/.ups)
Apply to an untranslated headered rom (personal suggestion to use Floating IPS with the .bps file, but as far as I know any method should work)

Important Note: I have not been able to perform major playtesting, so it is possible events later in the game may cause issue. If you encounter any bugs, please let me know so that I am able to try and fix them.

Known Issues (Please Read Before Playing)

The new Light Tome (Charm) will softlock the game if used with animations turned off. It also causes strange visuals if used by a class with access to Swords (impossible in normal gameplay), but this appears to have no adverse effects.
The Unit menu and similar menus displays names in a very bizarre unreadable fashion. As far as I know, this has no adverse effects beyond requiring you to go into units’ individual menus to see their Talk targets.

All information (items, bases, etc.): FE4 GenSwap - Google Sheets

Mostly what it says on the tin, this is a version of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War where the characters from each generation are flipped (minus Iucharba, sorry buddy). For example, Sigurd is now Seliph and vice versa.

This isn’t as simple as just swapping the portraits though, growths and bases and all that have been adjusted as well. For example, Lana, who replaces Edain, uses Muirne’s growths and bases, and Muirne now uses Edain’s growths and bases.
There are many cases more complex than this, but I tried to stick as close as I could to this mentality of using substitutes as a blueprint when adjusting units.
In the case of skills, substitutes are still being used as a basis, although I have taken far more liberties here to make units more interesting to use than they would be if they were only a carbon copy of their substitute base.
For units such as Oifey, who aren’t a child/have no substitute, they were more directly implanted into the spot of the character they replace, and vice versa.

Other Changes

Separate from the swapping of units, a light rework to Light magic has been made. Firstly, Priests are now able to use C Light, and High Priests can now use B Light, and Light magic is generally more plentiful to accomodate for this.
In terms of the weapons themselves, Light and Nosferatu now have lower Mt, with Nosferatu being B rank now. In addition, both Aura and Nosferatu can be acquired (with the one you miss in Ch7 being put in the Ch8 Armory).
Biggest of all, a new B Rank Light Tome has been added, named Charm (which looks like a sword in menus), which is meant to effectively be “Ellight”.
Additionally, specialized mages (such as Fire Mage) now each have a C rank in the form of magic they are strong against, and Male Mage Fighters now have B swords such that they are not explicitly inferior to Female Mage Fighters.

There are other minor changes, such as sword skill inheritance, which are noted in the provided spreadsheet.


Finn supremacy baybeeeee

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Heya! I’ve been playing your mod so I can pretend that the gen 1 units actually lived and I just got to chapter 6. There is a minor problem with item drops in this chapter. Harold still has a Return Ring that he is not set to drop, Dannan is not set to drop his return staff and neither Lex or Lucharba have a speed ring or paragon band in their inventories. Another minor thing is that Sigurd has his name as Seliph on the map sprite and inventory screen. I’m really enjoying the gen swap despite that.


Thanks for the heads up! I’ll make sure to fix these issues (and hopefully find some other things I’ve undoubtedly missed) once I’ve got the time.

maybe it’s just might Alexia but I don’t see anything mentioned about how gen2 works