FE17 Thread - The leak was real (Spoilers, maybe)

So there was this rumor running around:

And then this:



Honestly it looks fake, but what do you think?


I don’t think this is real either. This don’t scream Fire Emblem to me.

it looks like fe warriors ui

new Fe lookin like crappy chinese knockoff of Feh. Also, why would they develop it in chinese? smells fishy


That red/blue hair is not working for me


From the look of it. It’s probably from an older build or someone tried to make it look believable.

Feh 2 baby let’s fucking go


Yeah same here. Looks more like a vtuber than an fe character

“improvement over 3h graphics” and it looks that shitty?
“finished since over a year” and it’s that unpolished?



“Yeah, we did create the folder” →_→

I could see this being real. Might also be another game that’s similar to FE.

I’m just going to predict it’s the next FE game and feel good about myself if I get it right.

its real

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I love GUST, but no one would ever let them do a mainline FE game. lol

Aren’t all of the images written w/ Chinese here? I’d be surprised if a CN version existed and was leaked before a JP one - leads me to believe this is fake.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Koei is involved again because they probably wouldn’t bother developing a new engine for switch unless they wanted to go in a radically different direction for the next FE or couldn’t afford to get Koei on board for the next FE.

Regardless, I’ll wait to see what Nintendo says about the next proper FE game before speculating too much.

About the text in Chinese, here’s an update:

I still think this is fake.

Also, the “wwwwwwwwwww” name is fishy:


A potential explanation for the CN in the screenshots is that Koei/GUST outsource a lot of work to Chinese studios. Although it’s mostly art assets that are outsourced, so the leaks being playtest screenshots doesn’t make sense.

fwiw, FE does simultaneous localization these days, heck the first footage of Three Houses was in english

wait! who…?


jk don’t kill me

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Oh that’s good to know, hadn’t considered that.