[FE15] Duma's Power - A Shadows of Valentia Hack

ACT 1 IS OUT: By Duma's Power [Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia] [Mods]

Have you been bored with Shadows of Valentia? Have you wanted to use new weapons, rings, or learn about new growths on a familiar character? Do you just want to have some more interesting maps, with more unique enemy layouts that isn’t just 6 Cavaliers 30 tiles away from you? Do you want that one generic boss from Gaiden that wasn’t added to SoV to be added? Boy do I have what you’ll want.

Duma’s Power is a work in progress. Any Info is subject to change, and stuff like that, y’know?

As the creator of the previous Shadows of Valentia hack, Amiibos++ , I’m creating a hack that will alter all 6 acts of the game, and I won’t stop until all 6 are done.

Duma’s Power will change as many aspects of the game as possible, from item stats, to Duma’s Attacks, to even some Spell lists.
At the current moment, Act 1 is being worked on, and is nearly finished, map wise, along with some stats. This kinda stuff takes time, and is weird to work with.

I have no gameplay videos, Shadows of Valentia emulation has gotten worse since my showcase of Amiibos++. Instead, I have a small photo gallery: Album — Postimages
If the image gallery doesn’t work, just call me a dumbass and I’ll fix it.

If you want updates on even the smallest of edits I do, I made a Discord specifically for this, where I do accept playtesters: Duma's Power - Shadows of Valentia Hack

I’ll post occasional screenshot updates here, unlike Serenes Forums, because this site is more comfy lol


Will you be removing indoor floor tile avoid?

That’s a thing people complain about?

They complain about it very, very often.

Been inactive here, busy IRL. Chapter 1 is now Complete* (Fixes may come.) Having it be playtested by a few people, then it’ll be public.

Every little edit is posted on the Discord, as per usual, and if you wish to help testing, just ask. Just don’t expect Chapter 2 for a while, please.

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Heh, that’s awkward. I may have forgotten to post any updates at all, whatsoever. TLDR, I didn’t work on it at all because I was waiting for a Paragon Update that allows dungeon editing. That is now here. Hack is back in development


Act 1 Out, only minor issues that’ll be fixed soon