[FE13] Awakening Gender-lock Removal Sprite Project v1.0 Release (Complete!)

UPDATE: As of March 2022, the first release of this mod is finally up! The following post has been updated to date.

Hey guys! So I’ve been working on this HUGE project for a while now, and I can finally FINALLY say it’s complete: Awakening without gender-restrictions on classes ! (Also working on full-compatibility with the Gay Awakening mod !)

A while back, I originally created a simple male Pegasus Knight class line mod (with no custom sprites) for personal use and did a whole playthrough to test it. I enjoyed it for the most part, but it had a lot of rough edges and I wanted to refine it.

Due to how Awakening’s spriting system works, all characters default to generic class sprites if they somehow gain access to a class that isn’t in their innate class set. In Fates and Echoes, head-sprites and body-sprites are completely separate pieces of data that are fused together when units reclass. However, in Awakening, each character has their own spritesheet for each class they have access to, and their head-sprites and body-sprites are one set of data. In order for units to not use generic sprites, I decided to start this project to create custom sprites for all characters when they gain access to classes that were originally gender-locked.

Here are a few sprites I have created so far:

Release Info
There are 2 versions of this gender-lock removal mod, Version A and Version B. More information on the differences between each version are explained below.

In both versions, here are the new gender-lock-free classes I have added:

  • New male classes:
    • Pegasus Knight, Falcon Knight, Dark Flier
    • Troubadour, Valkyrie
      • Donnel’s Villager class is coded as male-only and will remain so, only because I don’t think the class is worth much LOL
  • New female classes:
    • Barbarian, Fighter, Berserker, Warrior

However, both mods will include:

  • Custom sprites for all 2nd gen units in for new classes, including both Morgans!
  • Version A includes custom sprites for a few select 1st gen units as well!
  • Custom generic sprites for new classes that Robin can use, as well as SpotPass/DLC characters!
  • Yup, you read that right, SpotPass and DLC characters also have access to gender-lock-free classes!
  • Most new female sprites use body sprites imported from Fates
  • Battle models will be borrowed from other classes, but Dark Flier and Falcon Knight will have custom textures! (created by the talented Mathcat!)

Version Differences

Version A
In Version A, a few select 1st Gen units will have the opposite gender parallel class in their class set—but some other select characters will still retain their original classes. This will be based on the classes they pass down to their children. However, due to how the Awakening’s class system is coded, classes in a 1st gen character’s set can only be replaced and a new class cannot be added (meaning, they will lose access to one of their original classes and that class will be replaced). I’m creating this version so that 1st Gen units could have an opportunity to try out opposite-gender classes and not just 2nd Gen units.

For 1st gen characters, here’s how their class sets and inheritance will go:

  • Version A
    • Both Robins will have Pegasus Knight, Troubadour, Fighter, and Barbarian included in their class sets and will pass down all 4 classes to all their children.
    • Gaius
      • Loses Fighter, gains Pegasus Knight
      • Passes down Pegasus Knight to both male and female children
    • Donnel
      • Loses Fighter, gains Pegasus Knight
      • Passes down Pegasus Knight to both male and female children
      • Villager will remain male-only
    • Henry
      • Loses Barbarian, gains Troubadour
      • Passes down Troubadour to both male and female children
      • **Henry will use the generic War Monk sprite, which he has access to via Troubadour
    • Lissa
      • Loses Troubadour, gains Barbarian (keeps Pegasus Knight)
      • Passes down both Barbarian and Pegasus Knight to both female and male children
    • Cherche
      • Loses Troubadour, gains Fighter
      • Passes down Fighter to both female and male children
      • **Cherche will use the generic Hero sprite, which she will have access to via Fighter.
    • Panne
      • Loses Thief, gains Barbarian
      • Passes down Barbarian to both female and male children
      • Yarne inherits both Barbarian and Wyvern Rider, but loses Thief
    • Vaike
      • Keeps Fighter and Barbarian
      • Passes down both Fighter and Barbarian to both female and male children
    • Gregor
      • Keeps Barbarian
      • Passes down Barbarian to both female and male children
    • Maribelle
      • Keeps Pegasus Knight and Troubadour
      • Passes down both Pegasus Knight and Troubadour to both male and female children
    • Miriel
      • Keeps Troubadour
      • Passes down Troubadour to both male and female children
    • Olivia
      • Keeps Pegasus Knight
      • Passes down Pegasus Knight to both male and female children
    • Say’ri, Emmeryn, and Aversa will all keep Pegasus Knight and Troubadour (for Emmeryn) and can pass the classes down to both male and female children.

Version B
In Version B, all 1st Gen characters will retain their original class set as it is in the original game. However, they will not pass down opposite gender parallel classes and instead will pass down their original classes to their children regardless of gender. So, only 2nd Gen male units can become Pegasus Knights and Troubadours, while only 2nd Gen female units can become Fighters and Barbarians. All 1st gen units’ obtainable skills remain the same, but child unit inheritance does get mixed up a little bit. Due to the fact that fathers will only pass down formerly male-only classes (Fighter and Barbarian), children can only inherit formerly female-only classes (Pegasus Knight and Troubadour) from their mothers or by their second mother via same-sex marriage.

  • Version B
    • Gaius keeps Fighter
      • Passes down Fighter to both female and male children
    • Donnel keeps Fighter
      • Passes down Fighter to both female and male children
      • Villager will be translated to Pegasus Knight for female children
    • Henry keeps Barbarian
      • Passes down Barbarian to both female and male children
    • Lissa keeps Troubadour and Pegasus Knight
      • Passes down Troubadour and Pegasus Knight to both male and female children
    • Cherche keeps Troubadour
      • Passes down Troubadour to both male and female children
    • Both Robins, Vaike, Gregor, Panne**, Maribelle, Miriel, and Olivia remain the same as they are in Version A
      • Robin will be the only 1st Gen unit to access opposite gender classes
      • **Panne will the stay the same in Version A since I can’t get her to keep Thief and Wyvern Rider in her class set and pass down Barbarian to both female and male children at the same time. I opted for her to keep Barbarian instead of Thief.
  • Kjelle can still inherit Pegasus Knight via Sumia, Donnel, and Robin. Nah and Noire can only inherit Pegasus Knight via Donnel and Robin (either gender) due to a lack of implemented same-sex S-Supports for Tharja and Nowi.
  • Cynthia can still inherit Troubadour via Cherche, Miriel, and Robin. Nah, Noire, Severa, and Kjelle can only inherit Troubadour via Robin (either gender) due to a lack of implemented same-sex S-supports for their respective mothers.

IMPORTANT NOTES regarding this mod

  • All SpotPass and DLC characters will also have access to all gender-lock-removed classes EXCEPT Marth, who will only have access to Pegasus Knight
    • Marth strangely is a completely separate set of data from the SpotPass/DLC characters. He only had extra room in his class set for only one more class, so I opted to just give him Pegasus Knight.
    • All SpotPass/DLC characters share the same section of data despite having several variations
  • For now, it is NOT possible to manually add custom supports through Paragon with this mod (or anything that involves modding the static.bin), should you want to implement a custom support that the Gay Awakening mod has not already implemented.
    • Anything that modifies the mod’s static.bin via Paragon will completely wipe out the character-specific sprite data for the new classes (ONLY new classes, the other vanilla classes are fine), and they will end up reverting back to generic sprites
    • It is technically possible to work around this (as I have done this several, several times during my test playthrough), but the process to do this is relatively difficult and does not involve Paragon.
  • Sprites imported from Fates (ie. female Warrior, Berserker, and Fighter) will not have selection animations (the sprite animation that plays when you put your cursor above the character)
    • Also, you’ll notice the aforementioned sprites doing this weird “bounce” idle animation–yeah that’s not a bug, that’s just how the animation frames are LOL
  • Lissa will not pass Myrmidon to other male children. However, Owain will still be a Myrmidon at base and will keep this class in his class set.
    • Lissa’s Pegasus Knight was originally translated to Myrmidon for male children, but now that she can pass down Pegasus Knight instead, she will not pass down Myrmidon anymore.
    • Despite this, Owain will still retain Myrmidon in his class set. He is coded to have Myrmidon as his base class and will always have this class, but Lissa’s other reclass options will instead be added to his inherited class set.
      • Meaning, upon recruitment, Owain will have Myrmidon, Pegasus Knight, Priest, and Barbarian (Version A) OR Troubadour (Version B) from Lissa
    • Currently, Lissa’s only same-se marriage option is Maribelle, so this will only affect Brady
  • Brady will not inherit Cavalier from Maribelle, but will keep Priest. However, Maribelle will not pass down Priest to other male children,
    • Once again, originally, Maribelle’s Pegasus Knight was translated to Cavalier and Troubadour was translated to Priest. However, Brady will inherit both Pegasus Knight and Troubadour instead.
      • So, when recruited, Brady will have Priest, Troubadour, Pegasus Knight, and Mage from Maribelle.
  • I’m completely unsure how this will affect Morgan’s starting class
    • In my test playthrough, I used the gay-marriage mod and married Chrom, so Morgan started as a Tactician
    • Also, I modded the Morgans to switch to get male-Morgan with male-Robin, so he would have inherited a male-class regardless (due to same-sex marriage)
    • Without the Morgan-switch, there may be a chance that same-sex marriage between M!Robin and–for example–Vaike will result in F!Morgan starting off as a Fighter, but this is untested

Known Bugs

  • So far, the only bug I found was some pretty bad lag when opening up the Extras menu and the SpotPass bonus box menu
  • In my test playthrough, Risen occasionally appeared as female Fighters/Barbarians/Warriors, but in battle, their models were headless (fucking terrifying i swear). I’m sure I removed it in the release, but if you experience this, let me know!

Planned Updates/To-Do List

  • Create custom sprites for War Monk for Henry and Hero for Cherche (low priority)
  • Allow compatibility with male Manakete mod (was given permission to do this!)
  • Create 3rd version with different class sets for 1st gen characters based on character/personality (details here)
  • If possible, I would seriously appreciate if I could have help from a model editor to create a custom model for male Pegasus Knights

Phew! And with all that being said, here’s the links the the mods! You can choose between either Version A or Version B. This took me a LOOOOT of work, so I would love to hear your experiences playing the mod!

Version A
Version B

I also have a (mostly) completed gender-lock removal mod for FE15 (Echoes) if you would like try it out!
FE15 Gender-lock-free Mod

Also, here are some Special Thanks to some friendly people that have helped me out so far (will also update upon release):
Mathcat for creating the custom textures
Babysauce on Gamebanana for answering my questions on sprite editing and writing a tutorial
thane98 for creating Paragon, an amazing editor for 3DS FE


1st big update:

A month and a half and 200 brand new spritesheets later, I can finally say that I am complete with the male Pegasus Knight and male Troubadour sprites! These new spritesheets include blue, red, and green sprites as well as their alpha channels.

From here on out, all male Pegasus Knights and Troubadours will have their own custom map sprites without having to resort to using the generic sprites! I have even created new male generic sprites for these classes for Robin to use as well.

Now, I’ll be getting started on female Fighter, Barbarian, Berserker, and Warrior sprites!

EDIT: Also, I am considering making a 3rd alternate version of this mod where I give certain 1st gen units opposite-gender classes based on their character–regardless of whether or not they pass down the classes.

If anybody sees this, which 1st gen male units would be fitting for male Pegasus Knights and Troubadours? And which 1st gen female units would be fitting for female Fighters and Barbarians? I’d love to hear some input!

Here’s my thoughts:

  • Pegasus Knight: Chrom, Frederick. Also maybe Ricken?
  • Troubadour: Libra, Virion, Stahl (apparently he’s an apothecary)
  • Barbarian: Nowi LOL. And Sully.
  • Fighter: Say’ri, Anna.

Hey, so small update:

I have reached a total of 256/360 spritesheets ! I’m not 100% complete, but I started to get really antsy so I decided to start a test playthrough using what I have so far.

So far, the sprites all work great in game, and I haven’t had any problems with the sprites themselves. I even commissioned a couple of custom textures for male Dark Fliers and Falcon Knights and they’re showing up smoothly as well (full credit goes to Mathcat for the custom textures!)

Here’s a few screenshots of units and their sprites:

*Robin will use the new generic sprites for the new classes (just as they do for their other classes haha)






Also here’s screenshots of their battle models/custom textures (only Dark Flier and Falcon Knight have custom textures)

(Dark Flier M!Robin)

(Fighter Cherche)

(Falcon Knight M!Morgan) [modded to switch with F!Morgan]

(Barbarian Lissa)

(Troubadour Henry)

(Valkyrie M!Robin)

Hoping to finish up this playthrough and get through the last of these sprites for the first official release !

And once again, I’m posting all of my progess on my Tumblr, so feel free to follow me !


So, this isn’t an update but moreso a request haha.

If this type of request is not allowed, let me know and I’m willing to delete this request !

Right now, I’m using the male Archer battle model for male Pegasus Knights because it was the “best” fit for the class, but I’m feeling a little bit unsatisfied. I felt Cavalier’s model was too bulky, Wyvern Rider’s model was okay but I wasn’t feeling it 100%. Everything else just doesn’t fit the class right.

So if it’s possible, is there anyone out there who’s willing to help out and create a custom model/edit an existing model for this project for male Pegasus Knights? ㅠㅠ

I know that model editing for the 3DS requires dev tools, but I don’t have the tools or really know how to use them. On top of that, I know it’s a little risky using dev tools for certain types of projects (not that I want to put you at risk LOL).

If this is possible for anyone, please let me know and I’d would be happy to collab with you for this project !

(even if this isn’t possible, this won’t delay the release of this mod!)


Such a cool thing. Finally, this will allow a fully army of Dark Fliers.

I think modern FE should do it like fates and either make classes available for everyone or give you an alternative version for both genders. Some things like Pegasus Knights could be up for debate but all in all games like 3H would work better with it.

I hope that everything works as you imagine it at the end. So far it looks cool!

Definitely agree that games like 3H would have worked without the gender-lock haha. Pegasus Knight is my favorite class and it hurts that I only have Fates to allow me to be one LOL.

But thanks for your interest in the mod ! I’ll be posting the release soon !

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Hey, so if you haven’t seen it yet, I have finally released the first release of this mod!

I edited the original post and included notes for the release. Hope you guys can check it out, this was a lot of work and I’m happy to say it’s finally complete!

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