[FE10] Radiant Dawn hacking showcases: Displacement magic!

After the astounding success of Daybreak’s trailer during FEE3 2022, I thought it was time to post a topic as well. Initially, I planned on making the debut with a patch available, but there have been so many updates and new possibilities that that seems impossible in the near future. However, FE10 does need more time in the spotlight. That’s why I’ve been showcasing my work on Daybreak on my Youtube channel. Mostly skills, but many new concepts will appear there as well. I hope this’ll get people more interested in RD and of course in Daybreak as well!

If you’re unfamiliar with Daybreak, here’s the trailer from 2022’s FEE3:

FEE3 2022: Radiant Dawn: Daybreak by ViciousSal - YouTube

So there’s a lot of stuff planned. And I will eventually be needing help with that as well, support writers and maybe even voice acting! Currently, I’ve primarily been working on the skill system, expanding the possible number of skills and creating new skills as well. This wasn’t just my doing, using Thane98’s Exalt script editor Dunal has coded quite a sizable piece of script data, whilst I was working on expanding skill data in the source code. After that I joined him and built new skills, learning from his work.

Currently, there are quite a few skills up on the channel already, here are some of my favourites!

Radiant Dawn AoE damage showcase - YouTube

Daybreak Skill Showcase: Quick Study - YouTube

Daybreak Skill Showcase: Reckless & Status weapons - YouTube

Daybreak Skill Showcase: Shelter - YouTube

Daybreak Skill Showcase: Fighting Dirty - YouTube

I’ll be showcasing quite a few more videos here and I hope you’ll enjoy them! Currently, I’m working on finishing up the skills section and expanding weapon effects. I’m also looking into unit selection voice clips (the “I am Ferdinand von Aegir!” stuff). The code is already functional, but adding new sounds is tougher than expected.
So as soon as I have that, I’ll be sure to let you know!

If you’ve got any questions regarding how the skills work, ask away!

That’s it for now, hopefully, I will have a patch for P1 available before 2024, but for now, I’ll keep you all in the loop with some quick videos!

Sal out!


Always nice to see some FE10 love. Was a good video from last year.


sweet!! love me some radiant dawn love

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Best game getting even better? Truly unbelievable. Good job!


Really excited for this. You’ve helped out a lot with Exalted as well right? Doing great work with FE10 hacking

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Thanks for all the kind words. Yes, I did help a lot with Exalted but that’s more of me and Dunal both sharing all developments we’ve made to be able to enhance both projects.

Speaking of developments: BIG NEWS

Voice acting is now possible! This is actually huge, because this is inserting NEW audio instead of replacing existing audio. I asked for help in the smash community, MK Wii, Wii tanks, Wii sports, Wii music. All replace music instead of adding.
So yeah, big big deal. It does not impede on existing audio at all.

So now to start creating voice clips for all units!


And a tutorial on how to!


Had a few new fun things to add:

The Freeze staff makes its debut!

And what are you opinions one using ambush spawns this way?


Teleports behind you


Might be useful, I streamed a bit talking about Paragon’s utilities for FE10.


Had a great time watching this! Thank you so much for doing this so far. :pray:

A new skill joins the party! Based on Vesly’s Dark Bargain skill in the FE8 Skill system:

Probably going to add a bit on top; When he becomes T3 (this version is slate for T2 even though he is T3 in the video) it will become more lenient and probably will go to just EXP = Hp instead of Exp /2 = HP


I made an Escape Room in Radiant Dawn chapter 1-3, and I’d love it if you’d check it out! Even better, if you’re interested, please upload your attempt to YouTube so I can see how everyone tackles the Escape room!
If you’re more interested in watching others struggle, I also had four fire emblem players try their hand at the escape room in this YouTube video:

But if you’re planning on playing yourself, I highly recommend doing that before spoiling yourself by watching! You can find a link to my discord in the YT video, and in the discord you’ll have access to all the resources you need to play it yourself!


Some fancy new animations!


I feel like I just flashed back to Radiant Dawn’s prerelease era watching that last video - I vividly remember when we learned that Light Magic was going to be part of the Trinity again and I remember postulating that maybe they would introduce a new “neutral” type of magic to replace its niche.

Nice to see a bit of that spirit alive and well in 2024!


The earth magic is also a neat reference to Fire Emblem heroes! Colourless tomes have base tomes before the Prf’s and those are “Stone”, “Elstone” and “Atlas”!

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And the final one, with the latest update we also have new Dark magic available!

Wanted to know how the Magic cards looked during combat? Now you can!


A longer video than usual, as it covers a multitude of skills. most importantly, it shows the Cooldown system fully functional!
I’ve said it in the YT comments as well, but the vast majority of the framework regarding scripting for the cooldown system has been made by Dunal. I was working on other aspects regarding skills at the time and this video show how I modified the system to suit Daybreak. It is far form done, but the functionality is there.


Ohhh yeah, the enemy is bringing some big guns today. AOE spell nullification to create new and difficult to beat enemies and zones.


this is an awful skill, there’s absolutely no way i’d ever want to sacrifice my units experience for healing when i can just heal them with a stave. how are they going to get stronger if they’re constantly consuming their exp? it goes against the core mechanic of fire emblem as a whole. i would never ever want this skill on any unit ever