[FE10] Radiant Dawn hacking showcases: Displacement magic!

My question is will we be able to apply the patch on android, or will we need to patch the game on pc then transfer to our phone

It’s certainly more interesting than the multitude of variations of procc skills we have in FE so far. Even if it may potentially not be balanced, i’d like to keep it, say “let him cook” and see how well it actually works out ingame. No need to be so negative.


idk, it’s a valid criticism to make to me. especially given it’s automatic so you don’t even have a choice in the matter and it feels more like unnecessary punishment to the player if they end their turn too early

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I’m honestly fine with it since it is pretty lore friendly. :thinking: Plus this is the game where you can just dump a lot of BEXP if you really want to use a certain unit. Since you can’t ever level down lol. Maybe if it were to be buffed (which I don’t think every skill needs to be meta, or even always beneficial to the player) maybe it could also give the unit X2 EXP as well to compensate that you could lose EXP. :person_shrugging:


Interesting that most of the focus is on a previous video, but even the feedback there means there’s interest so I’ll take that.
I would like to note however that in most, if not all videos, the note is made that things are subject to change as balance doesn’t exist yet.
However, to focus on Dark Pact in particular. I do not mind skills that can be useful through set-up and occasionally a hindrance. Especially when it is tied to a unit’s identity and has gameplay story integration. A 3rd tier promotion could also buff the skill to be positive and signify growth of Pelleas as a person and unit.
Even if you don’t like the skill, that’s fine, I’m glad there’s interest in the project.

As for patching on android, I do not expect it to be possible.


I love the skills, it’s only for one turn and makes it that much more important to kill them off quicker. Gives the maps more of a sense of urgency yet caution and I’m all for that. Idk how people say it’s unfair when it only last one turn but to each their own I guess. You explained it very well and said it would be pretty few and far between and even at endgame where you have plenty of tools to combat it. Keep up the amazing work! This is the pinnacle of hacking and you sir are a genius/madman for undertaking this. Kudos!

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Appreciate it! My approach so far making skills has been trying to not do too much combat skill bloat. There’s a lot of cool skills in RD already anyway, but most are combat oriented. Things like Healing out of combat, laguz gauge influence, support based skills etc are some of my favourites as they don’t make you do too long combat combat calculations like conquest ends up doing IMO. Too many aura’s to take into account.
It won’t be perfect of course, but that’s what map design and eventual balancing will be for!


New video, making Herons more interesting to use! They each have their own identity now as well!

Would this make the Herons more interesting to use? Will Sorrow finally be good (probably not)


Updated the AOE for Fire magic. Not a big update front end wise, but on the back end it’s miles ahead of the previous version.


Interesting! I wanted to play Radiant Dawn once again lately but watching this… I’ll wait until I can have my hand on Daybreak!

Pairup in tellius? Well not exactly, but it’s a step up from just Rescue!


Wind magic has some new effects!
Displacement is here and it’s gonna shape the way you approach the map for sure!