FE10 Actual 0% Growths

Radiant Dawn always had a rather annoying feature for 0% growths which was forced stat gains. Be it one level of BEXP, the game always forced at least one stat to go up.
Now that’s a thing of the past and a real 0% growths patch is ready for play:


This link goes to a folder containing multiple patches, which features one 0% growths patch for Vanilla Fe10, and one for Reverse Recruitment 0% Growth FE10.

Both mods are complete and fully playable.

  • All growths are set to 0
  • Caps are unchanged, in contrast to previous mods, which had to increase caps for str or mag.
  • BEXP does not give stats. This means BEXP can be used to promote units earlier and actually make use of the game mechanic
  • Stat boosters etc all still work normally

Credits also go to LordMewtwo73, for finding the level up fix! We’ve been working on the stat problem and he got the forced stats problem fixed.

For more info, join the discord for additional updates and info regarding new patches and FE10 projects https://discord.gg/NJv73xjA


Hi I’m trying to use the patcher and I’m getting an error no matter what type of rom that I use. I know the readme says that you have to use a European iso which I have been using, but what is the proper file format for the patch? Are there any other required iso properties that you know of? Should I PM LordMewtwo73 instead? Thanks in advance