[FE1][SRPG Studio] Fire Emblem: Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light

At First, There Are Dark Dragon, Falchion Sword, And…

Fire Emblem.

This is a port of Fire Emblem 1 into SRPG Studio. The current version covers the first six chapters of the original game. The instructions are very simple. Extract the file and run the game. I initially made it procrastinating from creating my MAFC4 chapter, which probably wasn’t a very good idea. Here’s a feature list:

  • FE1 tileset completely ported into SRPG Studio complete with animations
  • All FE1 map sprites ported for all classes
  • Relevant portraits upscaled to meed SRPG Studio requirements
  • Original FE1 music included
  • Original FE1 font used (courtesy of JtheDuelist)
  • FE3 weapon icons used
  • Names consistent with Quirino translation patch

And some (outdated) screenshots:

Preemptive question answering:
Will you finish this? - Maybe, maybe not. 25 chapters is a significant undertaking.
Why don’t you use official names? - I don’t like some of the choices the localisers made for character names, so all names are the Japanese ones for consistency.
Why don’t you have a fancy name for this? - I’m terrible with names. I’ll just use the original name for now.

And most importantly, the download:



There’s actually a fanmade F2U Pegasus Knight animation available for SRPG studio. Hmu if you need any resources.

Is this what the ideal Fire Emblem game looks like?

I’ve been working on this again recently. If everything goes well, I’ll submit it to FEE3. Have some screenshots of stuff I did. I made the UI more FE1-like, and I used a Japanese user’s arena script to add in arenas.


Here’s the first part of FE11’s prologue: I decided that it might be a good idea to make a big optional tutorial for those who haven’t messed around with SRPG Studio or who don’t know of FE1’s stranger quirks.

Right now I’ve got a Traditional difficulty that does everything straight out of the Famicom, and the tutorial which can be accessed from its own difficulty option. I wouldn’t be opposed to having some sort of “Enhanced” difficulty which implements some of the stuff found in later versions, but I’ll still focus on the actual FE1 stuff for now.



It’s close enough to FEE3 time, and that means getting some playtesters to ensure nothing goes and breaks. I’d rather catch any bugs now than getting them exposed in the video. If you’re interested, send me a PM either here or on Discord. You will be credited within the game.

(Please note there is no guarantee that you will be selected.)


Good news! I have an update for you all. It’s up in the first post, and covers up to Chapter 6. @anon686116 also recorded a video for this year’s FEE3, which you can watch here.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some Tale of Ternon to be working on. I’ll see you all around!

This project looks dope, tbh.

…Macellan’s name is going to be Mishelan isn’t it

please let it be mishelan that would make my day

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