FE1 Rebalance and Improvement

This is a hack that adjusts every character and class to make them more fun to use, in addition to making item durability more uniform, and weapon balance much better.

The hack is based on the 1.0 Quirino fan translation, but I replaced the font to be less ugly to look at. It also makes use of oziphanto’s “FE1 RNG Fix” and Darrman’s “Magic + power” patch.

Make sure to apply the rebalance patch to an unmodified JP FE1 ROM.

Here’s a link to the initial release! FE1_Rebalance_and_Improvement

To do:

  • Allow Generals to use the Levin Sword.
  • Reinforcements do not appear in the enemy editor, find out how to access them.
  • Figure out how to add more weapons, or replace existing unused items with more weapons (I’m thinking of adding a Poleaxe and Devil Lance)
  • Improve visuals (I tinkered with replacing the armor knight and pegasus knight’s animations with their Gaiden counterparts, but it didn’t look as nice as I had hoped)

Is it possible to add a way to display enemy range? It’s the only thing that really bothers me in FE1.

Could you include a changelog? From what you’ve written I don’t have much idea of what to expect from this.

I have no coding knowledge whatsoever, so an addition like that it out of my league.

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All changes are listed in the readme because I didn’t want to take up too much space on the project page. I’ll add a changelog to the project page once an update for the rebalance is released.

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