FE1: Officially in English!

At First
There Was
Dark Dragon
Falcion Sword

Fire Emblem: Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light. In English.
Three cheers! And goodbye wallet. Who’s up to return the the very beginning?

available for a limited time only

I can’t believe it’s the legal return of


Make sure to give nintendo your money quickly or else you may never be able to play FE1!


Fine by me, there’s always FE11

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Neat, FE1 localization hacks when


Totally a ripoff of GFE1R


I think this is a pretty big step for all Japanese-exclusive games!


wtf they ripped of gfe1r i cant believe this


Is Roy in this official game? /s

What’s the deal with the limited time offer crap. I call shenanigans.


I will not buy it. It does not respect me(I am european, no european version), my language(only english, not german or other ones for that matter) or my common sense as consumer. They clearly want to make limited time celebration-releases to be a normal thing and I am not going to support any of it.

Also, I dislike the used fonts. They could make it a bit more visually appealing. Like, at least make the titlescreen look like it did on Nes please.


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Fan translations of fe1 - fe5

The ad had these really cool features. Like emulator speedup and savestates. And if you forget to savestate, you can rewind a turn! Can’t do that on an emulator. (I think, anyway.) Cutting edge technology. But it is nice to see an official translation, and some people may prefer the ease of playing it on the switch.

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I mean, to be fair, FE1s translationpatch still has a few bugs and errors.

How nice of nintendo to sell an extra game with their artbook.

In all seriousness this is cool. If someone told me I’d be buying an NES game for $50 in 2020 (maybe) I would’ve slapped them but here I am. They’re both pretty anti-consumer (the nintendo standard) but I’m personally very against Super Mario 3D All-Stars which I bring up as the closest analog for a few reasons. The most obvious one is the whole limited release thing but that’s not really my focus, I don’t get it either. As we know, 3D All Stars is a collection of 2 classic games and 1 not-as-loved game for full price, this is just FE1 and the collector’s edition costs almost as much. This sounds horrible on face value but the difference between this and that in my opinion is that they made this release cool.

There’s no outside draw to a collection like 3DAS, zero extras. The collection serves one purpose and one purpose only, you want to play these games on your switch? Here you go. If you’re into the series and don’t really give a fuck bc you know you can play it in other ways? Tough shit bc outside of those two things there’s no value. It’s sold entirely on the existing popularity of Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy and the hope that people would panic buy the fuck out of it bc of the limited release. They knew they could get away with it bc it’s Mario and they did but I digress. I, as said earlier, think this rerelease of a game marred by it’s age is cool. Why?
There’s more here than just “It’s FE1”. The obvious highlight is the artbook, it looks sick and I can’t wait to get my hands on that. Replica box and instruction manual? Cool. Even the packaging just looks like they put more effort in, like they took longer than 30 seconds to conceptualize it. (I think the box art looks real nice btw) Presentation good.

And if you don’t care about any of that but are still curious, you can just buy it on the eshop for $6. That’s the most consumer friendly anti-consumer thing you’ve done in a while Nintendo, thanks. All to say, tldr the release isn’t just cool bc it’s FE1, there are better ways to experience this (Play FE11 cowards it’s peak FE) but I can’t help but appreciate how cool that the merch surrounding it looks.
and I saw the opportunity to shit on 3DAS Let’s just hope that artbook is as nice as it looks.
I’m still in the market for an archanea re-re-remake though, also FE3 when

Lastly what the hell is up with Nintendo and March 31st?




Dunno about NES emulators, but it should exist there as well


Rewind definitely exists, I wouldn’t without it. I’m taking this as an opputrunity to shill Mesen, I like that emu.
Also I forgot this bit, I hope the scaling is better than in the video. I wish they showed the display options.

Rewinding 120 frames isn’t that useful in a fire emblem game, usually. Am I misunderstanding? It’d need to rewind several minutes.

You can set it up how you want!

I am just doing small ones like that because i usually use them for missclicks.

That too, FE1 is so slow that rewinding a long enemy phase could be impossible which comes down to your settings I guess.

Moral is to abuse savestates, then. (Though several minutes rewind may be possible, idk.)